Up-and-Coming Hip Hop Artist Dubwork Is Creating His Dream Life Through Music

Dubwork is an Afro Dominican Hip Hop artist from Harlem, New Jersey. He has been working on his craft for quite some time now and is looking to advance his career in the music industry. Having started his career with his debut project “Dreams,” Dubwork has since then completed the album trilogy and has used his English and Spanish influence to create a unique sound his fans have come to know and love.

The sound that he is so often recognized for would have never come into existence if it weren’t for Dubwork’s strong, musically influenced childhood. A lot of his time revolved around being in the chorus and learning to play the violin. With these two activities taking up most of his free time, it was inevitable for him to get hooked on the art of music.

Using his deep love for music, Dubwork is pouring all he has into making his music the best it could possibly be. “I want people to be inspired by my music and believe that they can achieve whatever target they set their minds to. I want people to escape with my music while still learning valuable life lessons from it. I want people to feel the pleasure and suffering that life has to bring with me musically,” says Dubwork. It is crucial for him to produce his best work, not just for himself but also for those who love him daily.

With his last album, “Up By 20,” seeing significant amounts of support, Dubwork reassures his fans that the wait for his next project, “Chasing Summer,” is almost over. This New Jersey artist is making it happen for himself, and he can’t wait to take you all along the journey with him. Stay in the loop and catch all the latest updates from Dubwork as he continues to create his dream life through his music.

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