Up-and-Coming Hip-Hop Artist MASS DEMP Is Constantly Setting the Music Industry on Fire 

It takes a lot of talent and hard work to succeed in the music industry. Masterson Ursem Dempsey, more famously known as MASS DEMP, has talent and passion for music in spades. In fact, he didn’t just grow up with music his entire life, it is embedded deep within his soul, and he knows for sure that it is his destiny to succeed in the music scene. 

MASS DEMP’s foray into the music scene began at the age of three. The wonder kid has been performing at such a young age displaying his passion for music and the performing arts. Born on the 18th of November, 1992, under Scorpio skies, the talented music artist also has his roots in Cleveland, Ohio, which is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and an apt starting point for MASS DEMP’s musical journey.

Though that journey wasn’t always smooth from the get-go, in a tragic turn of events, MASS DEMP’s father passed away because of various addictions. So he and his mother moved to Tampa, Florida. In spite of all the challenges and the change in environment, music remained to be his refuge.

In 2000, he attended a live concert by the legendary Carlos Santana, and it deeply moved him. The experience fueled his desire to perform on a stage and captivate audiences through music. So with his diverse music experiences, he mustered all the influence that he could, most of which seeps through into his music and bleeds through his powerful lyricism.

MASS DEMP’s music targets people from different walks of life, regardless of age, race, or gender. His musical ear has allowed him to bond his powerful lyrics to slickly produced beats, and it was at this point in time when he became a full-fledged hip-hop artist. The up-and-coming hip-hop star also had previous DJ-ing experience, which proved to be useful in terms of performing and captivating a large audience.

His debut album was produced by a fellow college alumnus, Jon Tennant a.k.a. Banger Beats,, who transformed his studio apartment into a place of music. It’s where MASS DEMP’s first single, “Wintroduction Make Way,” was eventually created and garnered massive attention from fans. Riding on the wave of his recent success, he then released another song called “Goodtimes,” which is a song that aims to lift people’s spirits during the global pandemic.

The esteemed hip-hop artist has been releasing hit after hit after hit. The man is non-stop. In 2020 alone, he released two 10-track albums, Mass Bangers and Wild Awaiting, which have been captivating audiences since their debut. This year, he is cooking up yet another set of dual projects that will take the music industry by storm. MASS DEMP has already collaborated with a diverse set of big-name artists such as Forgiato Blow, Bryson Gray, and Famous Kid Brick. On the horizon are upcoming album features from both Bezz Believe and Caskey.

In the near future, MASS DEMP hopes to tour across the United States and become a household name. With the way things are going now, and with the amount of talent that he has, the sky’s the limit for the thriving hip-hop artist. Truth be told, it’s only a matter of time before MASS DEMP reaches the pinnacle of the music industry, and his fans will definitely enjoy being along for the ride. 

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