How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Using Social Media to Generate Leads - Influencive

Over the past nine years, social media has experienced much growth, and it is now an essential tool for lead generation. Businesses use social media to search for, find, and engage their prospects. As a matter of fact, fifty-eight percent of marketers who have engaged in the social media leads trend for three years or more have stated they got a massive sales boost.

Lead generation is all about collecting information from your potential clients so they can be passed on to your sales team. There are many ways to generate social media leads. Let’s take a look!

Special Offers

Everybody likes free goodies. If you are looking to generate social media leads, consider offering giveaways or sweepstakes on social media. People love getting engaged in campaigns like this. They tend to enjoy sharing them on their social media channels. By adding an entry form, you will have the opportunity to get more solid lead data. Ensure that at the end of the form, you provide entrants with a way to share the offer using their social channels. This way, it will be simpler for participants to spread the word to their online community. You will be able to continue building relationships through their mentions by engaging and acknowledging their posts.

Paid Social Ads

Another very effective way to generate social media leads is through paid social ads. Many social media platforms have upgraded their algorithms, thereby making social media advertising campaigns more valuable than ever. These algorithm updates are meant to provide users with a better experience, so it will be easier for them to see less promotional content and see more of the relevant content they want to see. What this means is that, as a marketer, you will need to support your organic posts with paid promotion in order to increase the visibility of your posts.

Each social media platform is equipped with its unique demographic criteria that help you with ad targeting suc as location, age, job title, gender, industry, etc. If you can leverage the right social media platform and the right targeting options, you are going to find an audience that will find value in your content, which means you will not be wasting your money on megaphoning.

Promote Gated Content

This is one of the easiest ways to generate social media leads. If you are set on getting your content out to the world, social media is the right megaphone for you. Create posts that will redirect users back to your landing page where they will be asked to fill out a form. One of the most important aspects of this tactic is that your posts must be able to capture the attention and interest of your audience or followers. You can use GIFs, images, or statuses to tell the story of your content visually.

You also need to ensure that the landing pages you are using are simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your leads. Most leads make their decision on whether or not to read your content or give out their information in seconds. Therefore, keeping the pages simple and interactive will help you gain more leads.


Following the steps above will help you get more social media leads, get more traffic and increase your conversion.

What is your most effective social media strategy to generate leads?

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