UseViral Alternatives: 10 Best Sites like UseViral

sites like useviral

The Internet has become the spinal cord of all the industries in the contemporary world. It won’t be wrong to assume that your business can only reach its true potential if you have successfully managed to create a website that receives a large number of visitors and accounts on several social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and several others. One can even say that content is king and social media is the best platform to showcase that content.

If you’re a content creator then you must have realized that while it’s necessary to curate engaging content regularly, it’s not enough when it comes to increasing followers and exposing your posts to potential clients. To overcome this, creators sometimes buy likes, comments, views, and followers from random sites they find online and end up getting scammed by receiving bots or dead followers which leads to their account being flagged or disabled.

If you’ve been scammed by such sites or think that buying followers is illegal or will get you flagged by Instagram then this article will help you come over these misconceptions. There are several genuine sites like UseViral that can provide you with genuine followers, likes, and comments on several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

If you’ve already used UseViral but looking for alternatives for the same or simply want to know what all options you have in case you want to buy followers, then you can refer to this list which we have created after thorough research so that you can get some authentic followers so that you can provide greater exposure and reach which will result in sales and clients in a very short period of time. So dive right in and gain popularity in the online community and grow your network rapidly!

The first site on the list which can act as the perfect UseViral alternative is This social media management forum can help you increase the engagement on various social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. It has a great customer support system and also has an easy refund policy for those rare situations when you don’t get the results you expected. It will provide you with real followers so that your posts and content can get high-quality views and reviews. You can check out the various packages and decide which one suits your budget and business goals.

Moreover, also offers a guarantee of a high retention rate and timely delivery of followers, in case the site fails to do so, you will get your money back. You can buy Instagram followers for $107.99 and even get 100 likes at a competitive price of $2.89. If you are a singer or musician looking for ways to boost the reach of your songs and get more plays then offers 1000 Spotify plays at $6.99 (and a maximum of 5,00,000 plays at $750), 1000 SoundCloud plays at $6 and up to 20,000 plays at an affordable rate of $89.

So all you have to do is browse through the packages, pick the one you like, provide the link to your account or post that needs to be promoted, and then follow the SSL encoded payment gateway to pay for the same. accepts all major cards along with PayPal and also provides round-the-clock customer support to answer your queries and give customer satisfaction like it has been providing for the last 12 years.


The second site that we have included in this list is Social Packages. It is one of the best sites when it comes to boosting your Instagram activity and statistics in no time. While promises to deliver the promised amount of followers, likes or other forms of engagement in a few hours only, Social Packages takes a day or two to deliver the same. One of the most attractive and unique deals that SocialPackages offers along with providing these followers and likes is that you can claim a refund in case the follower count drops which means that it will ensure that the retention rate is maintained so you don’t waste your hard-earned money and precious time on nothing.

This security against a drop in followers or other forms of engagements lasts for a month which means that you don’t have to worry about a loss in the long-term and says a lot about their legitimacy. When it comes to social media management sites, having fast and timely delivery, quality service and 24/7 customer support are of utmost importance to build trust and credibility in the industry and Social Packages ticks all the right boxes.

You can use this site to buy likes or views on Facebook page and posts, Instagram likes, followers, views and comments, YouTube views, likes, comments and subscribers, and even plays or listeners on SoundCloud or Spotify and several other platforms. You can get a decent number of likes or views starting from prices as low as $1.50. With refill guarantee, fast delivery, no password requirement and risk-free transactions Social Packages can prove to be one of the best UseViral alternatives out there.

Views Expert

Views Expert is another website that helps you in gaining likes, followers, and views for your social media accounts. Although Views Expert is a new player in the industry, the website has earned its users’ trust and goodwill in such a short duration. It provides some really interesting packages for a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud making it the one-stop destination for all your likes, followers, and views needs.

Its Instagram packages start at $2.00 for 100 followers and go up to $99.50 for a whopping 10,000 followers. The process of adding followers through Views Expert is a pretty safe (account password not required) and straight forward process, all you need to do is select your desired package then add your social media account or content URL, at last, make the payment for the chosen plan, now wait for a day or two for the likes to reflect in your account.

Views Expert even provides you with a number of popular payment methods like PayPal, Direct Debit, and MasterCard. Views Expert has 24×7 tech support to handle all your queries, doubts and solve all your issues as soon as possible.


Viralyft is a social media booster website that gives any UseViral alternative a run for its money. It provides its services on a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The website has completed over 48K projects delivering likes, views, comments and followers to over 1200 clients in record time. The Facebook likes package range from $11 for 200 likes to $390 for 25,000 likes. Viralyft does not require your password while making the transaction, all it needs is your account’s URL and an email ID to let you know the status of your transaction.

Viralyft social media boosting process consists of just four steps, first, choose your direct package then fill in the required information (URL and email ID) after that make the payment then all you need to do is relax and wait for the selected package to be delivered to your account. If you face any trouble or hiccup in the process you can contact its 24×7 support to get your problem rectified. So, head over to to get different package details for various platforms and increase your likes, plays, followers, and comment in no time.

As the name suggests is a website that provides you with services to enhance your social media presence. It has several packages that will help you get more views, likes, subscribers, followers, comments and plays on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify and SoundCloud. Fastlikes’ Twitter followers package starts from $15 for 500 followers and goes up to $430 for a massive follower count of 20,000. All you need to provide is a link to your profile or post, making it one of the safest ways to improve your account’s reach and popularity. The website is pretty simple to use, all you need to do is choose your package, enter your profile or post a link then click on the buy now button to redirect you to the payment page.

After the payment is done, your likes/views/followers will be delivered in one to four days. Currently, it supports only Paypal for payments but more methods will be made available for use in the future. You can contact its tech support any time in case your transaction goes wrong or you don’t get the promised amount. Fastlikes is considered one of the best UseViral alternatives because of its support for multiple platforms as well as similar pricing.


Famups is a social media provider that can help you in boosting your social media presence and increase your network or community on platforms like SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and several others. Famups helps in the organic growth of your social media accounts to rake in more followers who can eventually lead to an increase in sales and clients for your business.

Posting high-quality content and consistently engaging with your audience might not be enough to increase your follower count and Famups takes pride in providing authentic followers and engagement on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify. This UseViral alternative has support for six major platforms and provides secure ways to purchase followers and subscribers. Famups has even segregated Instagram and IGTV into separate categories as Famups realises the potential of these videos in increasing sales and clients.

But the only catch is that the delivery can take some days so you need to be patient. The prices are a little higher than but if you order likes, followers or views in bulk, then it will help you save a significant amount of money. With several packages priced at different amounts, Famups will definitely help you climb the ladder of social media popularity and expose your account to potential followers and get your videos on trending pages without using any unfair means. You can even opt for followers who belong to the United States of America so hurry and visit Famup’s website to book yourself a promising deal.


When it comes to buying likes, views, and followers for your social media then there’s no one like Famoid. It has some amazing packages that will help you enhance your social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It provides you with active followers that will help engage with your content and increase your reach.

Famoid claims that it has delivered over 67 million followers, 55 million likes and helped more than 240K users reach their desired goal. The Instagram likes package starts from $2.95 for 100 likes and ends up at $168.95 for 25,000 likes. Its tech support team is available 24×7 ensuring a safe and simple transaction. Famoid’s buying process is pretty simple as well as safe, all you need is an account on the social media platform you are aiming for and one of the two supported payment methods (SafeCharge and Paypal) to complete the transaction.

After the payment is made, the package content will be delivered to your account in a short period of time. If you don’t get the promised package contents you can contact its tech support and they will help you get the remaining likes, views or followers. Famoid doesn’t even require your password to make the delivery making it a pretty safe and sound process to increase your presence on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms and is definitely a key player when it comes to social media marketing and cracking the Instagram algorithm can be a very difficult job! This social media service provider focuses on only the important social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud.

You can increase the reach of your Instagram account by many folds by purchasing one of the premium follower packages and you’d be surprised to know that quite contrary to its name, the site only offers followers for Instagram. The main advantage of purchasing likes or views from FollowerPackages is that you can do so at really affordable prices! With 500 to 10,000 Instagram followers priced at $15 and $119 respectively.

When it comes to YouTube views, you can purchase 2,500 views at $19 and 50,000 views at $175. What’s more, is that you can even contact the professionals at FollowerPackages for custom plans that will specifically cater to fulfil your business goals on specific platforms. The average delivery time is around 7 days for bulk orders while small ones can be delivered in an even shorter duration. After delivering over 26,26,431 SoundCloud likes, more than 19,73,361 YouTube views and 21,39,230+ SoundCloud plays to countless bloggers, artists, influencers and businesses, FollowerPackages has become one of the best service providers in the industry. If you are still worried about losing your hard-earned money, then you will be glad to know that it also provides an option for a refund in case of some issues.


Yet another UseViral alternative that you can bank upon is Social-Viral. It not only promises to provide its clients with the best services but also claims that you can not find such offers and exclusive deals on any other sites. It helps you with gaining followers, likes, comments and much more on several social media platforms like Spotify, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Spotify so you don’t have to run around from site to site for gaining traction on multiple social accounts.

With Instagram packages starting from 50 followers at $1.49 and you can even purchase auto likes on your posts! You can also buy Twitter retweets ranging from 100 retweets (priced at $7.99) and 1,000 retweets (costing you $39.99) without providing your account password. The site claims to provide you with the promised number of engagement within 12 hours but larger orders might take a while to make sure the algorithms don’t find it fishy as most social media platforms have programmed their algorithms to blacklist accounts that show a sudden surge in the number of followers, likes or comments.

It even gives a refill guarantee and offers safe payment methods so you can proceed with the transaction without any worries. Social-Viral can be your go-to site for fast or timely delivery, affordable packages and real followers so that you can boast about your page in front of potential clients and business partners while providing a great first impression to first-time visitors and enjoy organic growth without spending a fortune.


If you’re a blogger or business owner who’s been constantly on the lookout for sites like UseViral that can provide you with genuine followers then you ought to check out Stormlikes. If you want custom-made packages for a specific platform then Stormlikes can provide you with high-quality services with features like country and gender targeting so you can reach out to more people.

If you want more control over the number of likes your posts receive, which gender you want to target, adjust the rate at which any post earns the likes or want to balance the number of views and likes on your videos then Stormlikes can do it all and that too without charging much! It has several years of experience and has delivered over 1,161,437,356 so you don’t have to worry about the quality or timely delivery of likes, followers or views.

When it comes to payment, the site accepts money through widely accepted cards and you can also get great discounts if you order in bulk for multiple accounts. It even gives you a free trial through free likes so if you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can head over to the website and get some free likes on your posts without providing your password or paying anything! So go ahead and order some likes and followers to organically grow your account’s reach by investing a lesser amount of time, money, and effort.

sites like useviral


If you’ve reached this far, then congratulations, you have gained insight about the few sites which are some of the best UseViral alternatives you can find if UseViral is not your cup of tea.

While the sites aren’t listed as per ranking or quality of service provided so make sure you pick the one that caters to all your needs. If you have come across any other site that helped in promoting your account, then feel free to drop their names in the comment section below!

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