Using Color to Give People a “Life Makeover” is Image Consultant Mena Garcia

Using Color to Give People a "Life Makeover" is Image Consultant Mena Garcia

When you hear the word “makeover” what do you imagine? Do you think of color, the power of it? It’s unlikely because the importance of color in our lives is rarely discussed. Mena Garcia is a London-trained image consultant who helps people consider the power of color in their style and their lives.

Garcia helps her clients undergo a “life makeover” by helping them look at every single aspect of their personal style. Garcia believes that a person’s style and image go far beyond the clothes that they choose to wear. She explains that your image is the tool that you use to communicate with the world. Garcia shares that the image you adopt through your style can help you have boundless confidence and live your best life. The most powerful style tool of all according to Garcia, is color.

Garcia uses color analysis to match her clients with the perfect color palette for them. She shares that there is a common misconception that everyone has one perfect color that suits them or a color that they shouldn’t wear. Garcia explains that this is not the case, as there is a shade of every color to suit everyone. She expands on this, explaining that finding the perfect shade for a client involves exploring the undertones, saturation, and intensity of a color. When talking about the power of using color to undergo a life makeover, Garcia says, “Seeing people blossom and open up to all the possibilities that embracing their perfect color palette can bring is life-affirming.”

Mena Garcia trained as an image consultant at the prestigious London Image Institute. While studying, she also worked as a model, a profession that brought her up close and personal to the power of style. Outside of her image consulting, Garcia is currently working on the development of her own clothing and make-up line that is entirely cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable. Of her intentions to continue using color to better people’s lives, Garcia says, “Color will always be such an important tool in gaining self-confidence, and I look forward to helping many more people enlighten their lives through the use of it.”

So, before you replace your wardrobe or get a drastically different haircut, consider using color to makeover your life.

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