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Using His Background, MPR Riche Rich Sets the Foundation for Success in the Industry

The rising Detroit rapper has fought through a lot for his success.

In today’s music industry, it’s expected of artists to be tough. The current system will spit you out if you constantly come with a ready to go mindset. MPR Riche Rich, who is a rapper from Detroit, has been setting the perfect example how correct preparation will prepare you for whatever life throws at you. 

Everything started for MPR Riche Rich when he was incarcerated in 2011 and was sentenced to prison for three years. While locked up, the Detroit native had time to waste so he began to write music as a hobby. He found writing music helpful for his mind, because at that time he had two newly born girls back at home who needed him. In 2014, MPR Riche Rich was released and then officially began his music career. Once he was out, he knew that he needed to make his time count which led to his first single. 

It wasn’t until recently last year that MPR Riche Rich however truly began to become known. His first release in 2020 came in the form of “Kill Switch” which instantly began spreading around his home town. As his name grew, the Detroit rapper continued to release single after single which eventually led to his name breaking out of Detroit and going to the national level. 

MPR Riche Rich’s popularity peaked in April of 2020 when his single “Demon” went viral. In his song the rapper talked about street life and how he grew up in a poverty stricken area. This was released in a difficult time in society when many people were struggling and having to “trap” to live. Because the concept in “Demon” was so relatable, word went around the streets of Detroit, boosting MPR Riche Rich’s single to 100k views on Spotify alone.

While many assume that music comes easy, MPR Riche Rich proves otherwise. In his story, he has lived through the struggles that he talks about and hopes others can relate to. Because of this real-rap transparency, the Detroit rapper has been building one of the most solid fan bases around. 

MPR Riche Rich’s story is a perfect lesson that perseverance mixed with hard work is a recipe for success. He could have given up when life got the hardest, but his drive to be better gave him opportunities to dig himself out of the hole he was in. When MPR Riche Rich speaks, people listen because they know that his lyrics stem from authenticity. While catching up with MPR, he said something to me that still sticks with me to this day. He said, “Nothing good comes easy; the more work you put into something, the greater the results of your end product and appreciation.”

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