Using Human Design to Discover Your Unique Formula for Financial Success

Written by Taylor Eaton

I fell into the world of Human Design a few years ago. I was just starting out as an entrepreneur and a handful of business mentors mentioned it to me. 

At the time, I was fully consumed with the idea of making money in my business. I didn’t understand how a spiritual tool could help me be more financially successful and kept brushing it off. 

That was until someone told me that, per my Human Design, I would actually be more successful in my business if I only worked 3 hours a day. This piece of advice caught me off-guard. 

How would working less make me more money? 

I’ve since delved deep into Human Design and am now a certified Human Design analyst and make five-figure months in my business… all while working only 3 hours a day on average. 

What is Human Design and how can you use it to unlock your own unique formula for financial success?

Human Design is a spiritual tool (a combination of astrology, I Ching, chakras, and kabbalah,) with some quantum physics sprinkled in. It’s a complex and detailed system that, at its core, teaches that we’re all born with unique strengths and ways of navigating life. 

And this includes the way that we’re individually designed to best become financially successful. 

While there are many different ways you can apply Human Design to your life to create more joy, fulfilment, and abundance, I’ve found the most profound use of it lies in its ability to help us value and trust ourselves. 

We go our entire lives only living in our own minds. So it’s easy to take the things that come easily to us for granted. 

If you’re naturally skilled at understanding people, you’re likely going to thrive in a position where you’re managing or guiding others. 

If you’re naturally skilled at spotting patterns, you’re going to thrive when you are helping problem solve or course-correct a project that isn’t on track to succeed. 

But if you haven’t been taught to identify these strengths in yourself, you’re likely to dismiss them and think that everyone can do what you do, and that the only way to success is to follow other peoples’ formulas for it (which means you’re trying to play to someone else’s unique strengths instead of your own). 

That’s the beauty of Human Design: it teaches us to identify and value our inherent gifts and then leverage them to find success – including around money – in our own unique way. 

The more that you explore your unique Human Design (which is determined at the moment of your birth,) the more that you will naturally see things like money flow to you with ease. 

Where do I start with Human Design to determine my unique formula for financial success?

Human Design is a very detailed tool and when you first see your chart, it likely won’t make much sense to you. 

So here are my tips for starting to understand how to live your design and shift into more abundance:

  1. Start by pulling up your Human Design chart up (you can find many different websites where you can enter in your birth time and find your chart for free.)
  2. Your chart will say what your energy type is and what your authority is per Human Design. Start researching how to generally live your energy type and authority. Each energy type and authority have their own unique strengths that you can start to consciously leverage in your life.
  3. Practice living your design per your energy type and authority as much as possible. If you want to go deeper with your Human Design, you can find a certified analyst or reader (myself included) to help interpret your chart. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of people (mostly entrepreneurs) to incorporate their Human Design into their lives and help determine their specific formula for money. My clients see the biggest results when they start to learn how to value and leverage their unique strengths in a way that opens up more opportunities for money to flow to them.

The bottom line is that you are uniquely designed with different valuable strengths than anyone else. When you start to really use those strengths to forge your own path to success, abundance in all forms starts to flow more easily to you. 

If you’d like to learn more about Taylor and her work, head over to her Instagram or visit her website.

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