The decision-making process that defines successful sales has undoubtedly been boosted by the arrival of smart software, but 98% of people still wait until a level of trust has been built up before concluding a deal. So how do you build trust and save time using technology?

And how exactly has technology simplified sales?

Focus on the Figures

Wireless technology enabled skilled sales people to close deals remotely, but as the cellphone is slowly replaced by VoIP, even the phone is becoming redundant.

Not only does the Internet offer a global market packed with opportunity, it also reduces the human spin on the process.

A savvy salesman can squeeze a better deal by reading their prospective customers’ facial expressions and body language, but with online communication, that human element is stripped down to bare essentials.

Now, negotiation software like Parley Pro means buyers and sellers can trade blows in cyberspace, with nothing but the flow of figures determining success or failure.

Rapid-fire online negotiating is not only faster, but it means sellers are forced to structure better deals, more quickly.

All-Access Discussion

Another way in which the Internet has opened up negotiation platforms is by getting multiple people involved in discussions at once.

A few years ago, the art of sales negotiation was about individual phone calls and trust. Now, multiple people can be looped into the discussion to review deals. This means more valuable input and broad-spectrum buy in to opportunity.

But software like Parley Pro takes things a step further. Not only does the software save you the frustration of sending documents back and forth, it allows you to structure communications according to level. This means that the right person in the organization is presented with facts they can check – complete with an online history of the conversation.

It’s simpler, faster, and more transparent.

Sign on the Digital Dotted Line

The conclusion of any deal, contract, or sale used to be all about the crucial signature.

However, capturing that all-important signature can be an extremely tedious process. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a signed document – and of course there are loads of legal issues around the authenticity of the signature.

Thankfully, the team of developers at Parley Pro have taken all of this into consideration and simplified that all-important final step.

Instead of lengthy approval processes, they have merged the simplicity and reliability of eSignatures with an automated approval acquisition system. Again, the fact that this is open and transparent means everyone concerned will get what they’re looking for safely and quickly.

Structured Communications

We’ve all been in that typical boardroom scenario where the discussions get heated and descend into a contest to see who can shout the loudest.

While people’s opinions can be valuable, a total communication breakdown can grind transactions down to a halt.

To ensure that communication remains on track, Parley Pro has structured their platform for effective discussion. To allow collaboration, they’ve put together a strategy that functions in three steps.

The first step is called Deal, where parties table the deal. The next is Strategy, which lets everyone concerned formulate the necessary approach via an online dashboard and lastly, there’s the Contract step.

The dashboard is the hub of all these interactions. The dashboard allows you to define workflow at the appropriate stage of the negotiation, assign responsibility, and get an overview of what the next steps are.

Say goodbye to frustrating arguments and hello to streamlined, successful discussions.

Enhancing Negotiation

As much as negotiation software smooths the process, the human element is still very much at the heart of the conversation. Unlike total automation, business software only enhances the process – it does not take people out of the equation completely.

All approvals, conversations, and considerations still require human input. This should put to rest any fears about costly system failures and accidental deal conclusions.

The real benefit of this type of technology is just how fast and transparent the process can be. With structured access, everyone involved can have their say and deliver their input instantly – from anywhere.

You’ll still need to be convincing to help close that massive deal, though.

Act Now

If sales and negotiations are a part of your company’s offering, it’s advisable to incorporate this kind of system into your daily operations as quickly as possible.

With intuitive systems like Parley Pro, you can be up and running, saving time almost instantly. And in the fast-paced global market it’s a huge benefit to be able to spend more time doing business and less time talking about the deal that could change your company forever.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endrose or review brands mentioned.

David is a professionally accredited leadership and marketing coach who works with young founders and early stage teams to help them navigate through emerging marketing opportunities with a current focus on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Using the identification of new technological innovations that give way to different paths that can effectively reach customers, David is able to make marketing departments more effective, adaptable, and progressive.