Utilizing Big Data to Grow Dental Practices: Megla Dental’s Innovative Changes to Dental Marketing with Lawrence Parnis

Megla Dental is not your typical marketing agency. Through innovative practices in data tracking and mining, they have developed a tried and tested method in bringing high-value patients to their dentist clients.

As any dentist worth their fluoride knows, having more patients doesn’t necessarily mean generating more revenue.

Concerns of dental patients are getting simple and low-cost procedures such as cleaning and polishing make up the bulk of it. But the real value lies in patients seeking high-end products such as Invisalign or dental implants. Five patients seeking Invisalign are worth over 150 patients seeking standard cleaning and polishing.

Through Megla’s innovative practices of data tracking, they bring their dentist clients high-value patients seeking more cosmetic care.

Using Funnels and Data Mining to Attract Ideal Patients

Lawrence Parnis and his team at Megla Dental are dedicated to using innovative methods to bring their dental clients the ideal patients, leaving nothing up to chance. 

Most dentists spend thousands of dollars on their websites only to provide too much information that overwhelms and ultimately deters prospective patients. Lawrence and his team have different methods. Rather than using a bulky website, they design reliable funnels that bring in patients from search engines and social media sites.

From there, funnel visitors fill out a survey so Megla can shift out uninterested or noncommittal prospective patients. The patients put their contact information into the survey so that the Megla team can immediately reach out and connect the patient with one of Megla’s dentist partners.

Megla analyzes user data across 16 social media platforms and search engines to develop funnels that are rigorously tested in order to guarantee success. 

Quick Delivery of Quality Patients

Most people don’t realize just how valuable end user data is, or perhaps they do but are just not aware how it can be utilized to their advantage. Thankfully, Lawrence and his team do.

Megla’s research has found that once a prospective patient visits a website, the provider has only seven seconds to convert them. Lawrence and his team develop quick and effective methods to ensure the patient is won over.

Megla’s funnels also contain pixels from sites like TikTok and Instagram  to further engage prospective patients, and to continue to provide valuable data.

They combine artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify high-quality patients looking for involved dental procedures such as Invisalign or Implants. Megla knows how to read this data, and use it to deliver quality results to their clients.

Using Technology to Bring Dentistry into the Future

Indeed, technology has been continuously evolving to further help us achieve day to day tasks more efficiently. Virtual reality and AI technology are already here and are only going to become a bigger part of our lives in the years to come.

Lawrence and his team at Megla understand this and are on the front lines of finding innovative ways to take advantage of this technology for the benefit of their clients.

Oil and gold may be valuable, but it is data that guarantees where resources can be found. In that same vein, Lawrence and his team use data tracking to identify and win over the ideal patients for their clients. The right data, according to Lawrence, “is probably worth more than oil and gold at the moment.” 

The team at Megla works tirelessly to understand and utilize this data in order to deliver quality results. They’re not your typical marketing company, they’re data analysts optimizing tools by profoundly looking into information surrounding your business for utilization.

If you are interested in receiving high-quality patients for your dental practice, you can visit their website or learn more about Lawrence and his team on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or by contacting him via LinkedIn.  

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