Utkarsh Piyush: A Young Influencer With an Entrepreneurship Quality

With the rapid growth and modernization in technology in the 21st century, young minds are motivated to come up with new and arousing ideas that can lead to massive change in today’s technical grounds. One such example in front of us is Utkarsh Piyush, who has set the bar extremely high globally through his knowledge and hard work. A 18- year-old entrepreneur from Bihar has shown that there is no age limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations. He has been given the title of ”youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert” for establishing his own organization”( TheGuru media) at a very teen age which is a great success currently.

By exploring various aspects on the internet he came to a realization of making this as a better alternative career. His hunger to explore all the technical fields and changing the traditional ways of digital marketing has covered him a huge audience and appreciation. He gained his expertise by practical research; through using his known skills, learning from past mistakes and changing them for better.

He is also known as youngest influencer. Piyush influencing a young age group towards digital opportunity. We must know how to hold ”the chance” that comes our way. One needs to trust himself/herself and never stop exploring, the success will come in handy is what we learn from this young gentleman. He grabbed his chance at the age of 15 when he entered the world of digital marketing and soon worked hard enough to change its definition by becoming an expert. What makes him even more of a goal-reacher is his unwavering adherence to change according to the needs of the environment around and always be updated with the changes in technology. He has taught us to have all control over the potential field one is planning to pursue; once this is done one can master it in no time.

As an enthusiastic and ambitious kid since childhood, Piyush indulged himself into various fields such as sports, management, studies etc. and gained what it takes to be an eager and keen entrepreneur with sportsman spirit of course. He has not only proven himself as a 17-year-old CEO but also has stimulated thousands of children out there who are tech- heads like him but lacks confidence and an idea which is unlike others. Piyush shares that, “Failure is never an option, embrace your success through unique vision and strategy.”

With fresh idea and conviction in mind, he has proven the world, that to bring a huge change one does not necessarily be a big man himself; rather be prudent enough to get what is aspired.

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