Valentina Mishra in the Spotlight on the Occasion of Women Day

Everything you can imagine is real and this has been beautifully proved by an extraordinary woman Valentina Mishra. She is national director India for more than 13 international pageants and she is also a beauty pageant coach and groomer.

On women day she has been awarded by lead india foundation president Dr Hari Krishna Maram at the iconic town hall, Banglore. She was amongst the 111 power women to be awarded in a historic moment. This historic moment would will be always remembered because of lead india foundation president desk Hari Krishna maram created a world record by honouring 111 power in 111 minutes. Valentina Mishra has gone through nomination and them finally could accomplish the Award owing to the fact that she is exceptionally amazing and hard working woman. She has also bagged best Enterpenure award for her company dlavalentina as best personality groomer and beauty pageant coach by IBM MSME at Chennai on the same day.

She has won Best national director Award for three consecutive year 2017 to 2019. She is vice president for miss and Mr grand Sea World. Which is a based at Bulgaria. Valentina Mishra firmly banks on the power of dreams she is highly ambitious and determined.

Valentina father was a retd naval officer and her mother homemaker this signifies that she comes from a modest family but brought up by an exceptional solicitude. She has been enthralled by fashion industry therefore she started her career with few pageants and gradually she notched the titles.

She had been a pageant coach for more than 12 yrs. Even after so many accomplishments Valentina has not stopped learning she is still working assiduously for her goals. She radiates sanguine vibes and has always displayed exemplary spirit.

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