Valiantworldwide Changed My Life : Aman Rathod

Valiant World Wide continues to spread its wings and has emerged as one of the favorites of the cricketing public around

Valiant World Wide continues to spread its wings and has emerged as one of the favorites of the cricketing public around. The merchandise has seen some takers and the market demand is on the upswing. As far as the plans are concerned, Valiant will slowly penetrate into the remote areas where they will extend support to young and talented sports people.
Mr. Vadodara  Aman Rathod will be the face of this campaign as the goodwill brand ambassadors. This will go a long way in establishing trust and helping Valiant to extend support to young sports talent in Gujarat. Aman Rathod has also shared his life experience and how it has taken a turn for the better ever since he became connected with Valiant.

“Valiant is gaining a lot of prominence around the world and I have received a lot of congratulatory message from people around. Even when I hit the gym, people recognize me and there are folks wanting to get snapped with me. I am focusing on my routine work and helping further the name of the brand. Without any doubt, Valiant has changed my life and I am excited to remain in the fold”, Rathod says. 


Written by Johnny Lee

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