Vera Wear CEO Angel Rivera Reveals 5 Ways to Draw Big Crowds to Your Competition

People the world over love a good competition, whether it’s as big as American Idol or as small as a local fun run. No matter the size, its organizers inevitably face obstacles as they seek to get the word out, attract attendees and competitors, and keep control over all of it.

Angel Rivera, the CEO of Vera Wear and creator of 2022’s nationwide model search The Vera Wear Project, has some tips for how to enlist the public’s interest and get the crowds you need to make the competition a rousing success.

Tip #1: Have a Compelling Theme or Story.

Angel says that even small competitions can benefit from having a fun theme. “Triathlons, for example, often focus on saving the environment or perhaps support a children’s charity. Having that kind of theme can be very motivational for attendees. The trick, of course, is to choose one that appeals to large numbers of people.”

The Vera Wear Project, he continues, typically draws thousands of applicants. “The reason, I think, is because modeling and fashion are universal interests. It doesn’t matter who you are – we all have a desire to express ourselves through fashion, so our pool of prospective competitors is very large,” he says. “As you plan your competition, be thinking about what ties your attendees together. That will be your theme.”

Tip #2: Set Goals to Achieve and Deadlines.

You cannot draw crowds if you aren’t organized, Angel believes. “Chaos will kill any chance you have of garnering people’s interest.”

To prevent this from happening, he recommends laying out the key things that must happen for the competition to go forward and setting deadlines for them. “Doing this can keep your event on track even when it seems like everything has gone off the rails. That will ultimately make it easier to attract attendees because they will be turned off by a sloppily run competition.”

For The Vera Wear Project, Angel and his team set five immovable goals: the creation of prizes, the recruitment of judges who have expertise in entertainment and fashion, the announcement of the competition on social media, the start of the competition, and the announcement of the winner.

“Keeping that kind of structure in our planning means that our competition will happen on schedule,” Angel says.

It presents a good image to the public and assures them that The Vera Wear Project is well-run, and people reward us with their applications. You can enjoy the same results by keeping the competition organized.

Tip #3: Go Deep with Your Advertising Campaign.

Angel sympathizes with contest organizers who must get their competition in front of an increasingly busy public. “It is hard to get people’s attention,” he agrees. “That’s why you’ve got to get your word out in as many ways as you can. Newsletters, announcements on TV, social media, area organizations – they’re all fair game if they can help you promote your competition.”

The Vera Wear Project, he says, has a complex advertising strategy that allows it to reach into all corners of America.

We’re promoting our model search on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, and we’re also in contact with the major modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles. We have a multi-level approach to letting women 18 and older know that starting February 2, 2022, they could be the next face of Vera Wear. Remember: try to get creative with your marketing and try out different platforms. You never know what will take you a little further in your reach.”

Tip #4: Offer the Best Prizes You Can.

Competitors will always be motivated by prizes, Angel thinks. “They don’t have to be fabulous to catch people’s attention, however. Sometimes dinner for two at a nice restaurant or an Amazon gift card will be more than enough to draw people to your competition.”

The Vera Wear Project, Angel continues, will award its winner a cover on a magazine or publication. “They will also enjoy a contract with Vera Wear that will be worth up to $100K as well as their own cosmetics or perfume line,” he confirms. “Of course, most competition holders will not be able to offer prizes on this level, but the point remains: make the prizes fun and meaningful in some way.”

Tip #5: Bring In Leaders of the Community to Help Run the Competition.

Enlisting the help of leaders and influencers in your area will help you to promote the event and draw more attendees. “These are people who often have large social circles, so it can only help to have them on board with your competition,” Angel believes.

The judges for The Vera Wear Project will include Angel, models Daniela Giraldo and Venezuelan ROXYD, and other leaders from across the fashion-entertainment world. “Having this kind of support means that it has been even easier for us to get the word out about the 2022 competition,” Angel says. “Go big when you bring on your own leaders so that more people hear about your own competition.”

Ultimately, Angel advises that you relax and enjoy the ride as you put together your competition. “There will undoubtedly be days when you feel like you’re going to pull your hair out!” he says. “But, stick with it, and people will come. You’re going to be amazed – and proud – of the success you’re going to achieve.”

For more information on how you can enter The Vera Wear Project on February 2, 2022, please follow @Angelluisr & @Verawear on Instagram for updates. 

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