Veres Career Consulting: Helping the Insurance Industry Adapt to the New Age of Recruitment and Remote Work

As Baby Boomers transition out of the workforce, the insurance industry is struggling to maintain itself. Between the Great Resignation and younger generations losing interest in the field, the insurance industry is in dire straits. Many companies still want their employees to fully return to the office after the pandemic, which is no longer attractive to talent. According to Krisztina Veres of Veres Career Consulting, “Those who are ready to be flexible will win the talent war.”

As we move towards a more remote world, the recruitment process itself is changing. Employees are no longer interested in an office ping pong table and unlimited snacks. At the same time, the recruitment industry needs to embrace the idea of remote interviewing, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Moreover, recruiters need to learn how to assess candidates for a remote role.

For example, testing internet speed has become more important than a candidates’ office background; people can be coached on using a virtual filter, but a bad internet connection can make a candidate unfeasible for certain roles.

Bringing Insurance Recruitment into the 21st Century

Veres Career Consulting is a recruitment agency specializing in the insurance industry. With offices in Miami, FL and Toronto, Ontario, the firm finds talent for brokerages, agencies, and insurance companies across the US and Canada.

The company was established in 2017 by Krisztina Veres, a former insurance executive, to help top insurance businesses with their recruitment needs. In five years, the company had become one of the most successful insurance recruitment firms in North America. They take pride in that they “speak human” and care about both the candidate’s and the client’s experience.

Veres Career Consulting stands on two main pillars that make it unique and strong. On one hand, the key staff members are mostly former insurance brokers from Aon and Marsh, two of the largest and most trusted players in the insurance industry. With the team’s impressive and reputable backgrounds, even passive candidates are willing to engage with the company because they know that it is composed of insurance experts, not just recruiters.

On the other hand, the firm has a secret weapon: a Behavioral Specialist on their team who understands people as few others can. With her help, the company can foresee in greater depth whether a candidate is the absolute right fit for a role (or vice versa). Veres Career Consulting candidates are always well-vetted, not just technically, but from a personality and coachability standpoint as well.

The Long Road to Recruitment

Krisztina Veres started her career in journalism. With a master’s degree in journalism and international communication, she worked for the media until 2003, when she pivoted to a sales-focused role. She worked at Fortune 500 companies such as T-Mobile and HSBC, and then in 2008, she started a job at Aon. Aon is a global, Fortune 500 insurance brokerage and risk management consulting company – one of the largest in the world.

Veres’ involvement with Aon is a testament to her pedigree in the insurance industry. After being transferred to Aon’s Toronto office in 2011, she won the National Prospecting for Growth competition in 2012 without any local connections or experience. According to Veres, “Being an immigrant and a female is an endless challenge, and we need to work harder to earn respect.”

In 2014, she pivoted to another new career and moved to Vancouver, where she pursued a job in recruitment.

In 2017, Veres moved back to Toronto and started her own firm, Veres Career Consulting, relying on her insurance expertise to carve out a niche in the recruitment industry.

Connecting Qualified Candidates to Great Jobs

Veres Career Consulting only recruits for insurance positions (personal and commercial lines as well). The firm works with insurance companies and brokerages, for whom they can find candidates from across the board, whether it be for a C-suite professional or an entry-level licensed CSR (Client Services Representative).

The firm typically fills postings for Account Executives, Brokers, Producers or Producing Brokers, Underwriters, VP/SVPs of Underwriting, VP/SVPs of Claims, Group Benefits Consultants, Workers Compensation Specialists, Heads of Commercial Lines, Heads of Residential or Personal Lines, Branch Managers, Risk Managers, Claim Adjusters, and more. On average, VCC successfully fills 4 out of 5 positions, while the industry average is a mere 1 out of every 5.5. For every three candidates the firm submits, one will get placed; the industry average is 1 in 11.

With its relentless drive and proven record of success, Veres Career Consulting expects to become the go-to insurance recruitment firm in North America over the next few years.

Learn more about Veres Career Consulting on the official website and on LinkedIn. Connect with Krisztina Veres on LinkedIn.

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