Veronica Karas: Your Professional Go-To Financial Planner and Fiduciary

Life can be full of uncertainties, and nothing serves as better proof to that than the ongoing pandemic. Future scenarios such as interest rates, inflation, opportunities for investments, and taxes are anything but predictable these days to make matters worse.

When you have adequate financial skills, much of the difficulties that come with controlling these external factors are no longer there. With proper wealth management, you can achieve all your financial goals as well as set yourself up for a graceful retirement.

But what about those of us who aren’t that great at money management? If you are struggling with your financial planning, no matter the amount of money you’re bringing in, then it’s time to entrust your wealth to an expert with some real hands-on experience. 

Your assets could not be any safer in the capable hands of Veronica Karas, a certified professional who has been in the finance industry for over a decade. 

Before making a name for herself in the finance industry, Veronica had many stones to turn. She began her career by getting into life insurance before moving on to investment research. Her real calling, however, was financial planning all along. She likes nothing more than to help clients from all walks of life achieve their financial goals. 

Veronica has extensive experience working with high net-worth individuals and has also worked with a lot of small businesses. Her primary strategy revolves around minimizing tax burdens while maximizing savings and investments. 

She is truly a holistic financial planner who likes to take a comprehensive approach when it comes to personal finances. From college, tax, insurance, estate, retirement planning to student debts, loans, business setups, she is your go-to and the first person you call for advice.

With her help, clients have bought homes, cars, taken once-in-a-lifetime trips and pretty much everything in-between. Difficult financial planning situations such as multigenerational planning, tax efficiency, RSUs, ESOPs, and divorces are the areas where Veronica’s advice becomes even more valuable. 

The driving force behind her deep commitment to her work is the sense of fulfillment she gets from helping people make sound financial decisions. Veronica is genuinely grateful to every client she ever had the pleasure of guiding towards financial independence, and she did it in a way that worked for them.

Not only does Veronica have a CFP® designation, which is the most trusted designation in financial planning, but she also has an MBA and a Life & Health license. When she is not busy helping people reach their financial goals, you can find Veronica spending most of her time with her husband and adorable rescue pets in Port Washington, New York. 

Veronica Karas has two published books and is actively working on the third. She also works as a transformational life coach and enjoys giving youths lectures on financial literacy in the tri-state area. Reach out to her on her LinkedIn or book a free consultation on her website.

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