Versatility And Utility Put Popl At The Front Of A New Era In Communication

Popl, the LA-based tech company, has completely changed our understanding of networking, and the channels we can freely navigate in securing new relationships, both personal and professional. Launched in 2019 to critical acclaim, Popl has routinely introduced new and exciting developments with their signature NFC technology, taking various forms and figures all with the same goal: to further connect people in a world that is becoming increasingly isolated.

The adaptability of Popl’s product line is the defining feature of their business model; it’s highly appropriate in this era of innovation as we welcome the advent of creations we only imagined in our daydreams. As the saying goes, life imitates art, and in the case of Popl, their technology may be a product of contactless evolution, but the anatomy of their designs remain wholly humane.

The beauty of Popl is that it inspires natural interactions between strangers and fosters an elevated sense of efficiency in professional settings, paving the way for a new generation of communication like we’ve never seen before.

At its core, Popl is in the business of people, and seeks to generate a better connected world with a single tap. What started as the signature Popl Phone Tag expanded into a shiny suite of ultra practical devices made for building community. Today, the Popl arsenal includes an impressive collection of products that occupy both familiar and newly discovered corners of communication, including but not limited to cards, badges, wristbands, keychains, and a slew of digital platforms like Popl Teams and Popl Pay, the former having already redefined the essence of team work that makes the dream work.
When COVID-19 broke out at the top of 2020, it welcomed a new era of contactless engagement, washing over nearly every aspect of daily life as we knew it. Paper business cards were already becoming a thing of the past, but it took a pandemic to prove that going digital makes a lot more sense. In the same vein, many companies and businesses were advocating for remote work, running parallel to a society that yearned for nomadic lifestyles.
The activation of Popl Teams arrived just in time for this cultural transition, and suddenly working remotely isn’t as big of a challenge as it once seemed. The start of a renaissance beckons exciting new strategies and unconventional approaches to traditional systems, and Popl is quickly making a name for themselves as the standard in digital communication.

​Perhaps the most enticing quality of Popl’s vision is that their product line appeals to everyone, everywhere. Human interaction is a language we can all speak fluently, and while Popl is built to handle some of the largest corporations in the world (Salesforce, Trinet, and Compass, for example), the bones of its mission are fossilized for the average individual. Popl’s innovative NFC technology is available for everyone, not just the corporate elite.

​In December of last year, Popl introduced a selection of their products to mega retailer, Walmart. This maneuver effectively entered the company into an inclusive market made accessible to all walks of life, and in the same breath, elevates our general understanding of communication far beyond baseline conversation. ​

Additionally, Popl has partnered with a number of complimentary names like Zapier, the application marketplace, and Nomad, the California-based smartphone accessory movement, who co-designed a case specifically made for Popl users. It’s understood that Popl knows its market and how to wield success at optimal levels, but what may not be as clear to consumers are the limitations of Popl’s expansion, which are seemingly endless.

More recently, Popl united with entertainment powerhouse, Insomniac Events, to push their team onto the digital domain. This is but one example of Popl Teams at work, but illustrates the growth and possibilities that occur by employing smart technology like cyber-collaborative environments in a hyper-remote society.

Efficiency has always been a key component of Popl’s anatomy, and their Teams application utilizes a streamlined approach to business groups looking for stronger internal communication. The program works in favor of both leadership pods and senior workforces and offers a plethora of unique features tailored to individual needs.

​At this rate, Popl is creating a lifestyle that blends effortlessly into our existing world. Each product serves a singular purpose that ultimately feeds into the greater goal of uniting the world one tap at a time.

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