Vibe Check: Taste Salud Brings A Bounty Of Summer Zest This Season

Southern California is fertile land for creative entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the LA-based wellness team, Taste Salud. Freshly squeezed into existence back in June of 2021, this beverage brigade is a fiesta of authentic aguasfrescas that emulate the charm of our childhoods, when homemade refreshments were strong enough to build community and optimal health at the same time.

Josh Leyva and Tyler McCann, co-founders of the brand, noticed a gray area in sports drinks that didn’t quite hit the mark. By introducing these flick-of-the-whip healthy beverage blends to an existing market of sugary counterparts, Taste Salud successfully positions themselves as the only viable co-pilot this summer with a colorful line of powders that bring it back to basics. All you have to do is shake, stir, and salute to your health.

There are plenty of options for drink mixtures on the market, most of which bleed with ingredients we can’t even pronounce. The defining characteristic of Taste Salud’s batch of hydrating brews is actually the paradox of these mystery potions, for all of their blends contain only 1g of sugar. The vision behind Taste Salud comes from Leyva’s upbringing in Hispanic communities, pulling inspiration from the mouth-watering aguas frescas of his youth.

These homemade concoctions gush with authenticity and only provide the finest nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. Leyva is already a well-known figure across social media channels as an example of balance and self-care, and the induction of accessible aguasfrescas speaks to his existing networks of healthy-minded individuals who crave a higher standard of wellness.

The drink powders provided by Taste Salud are ideal companions for the healthy at heart, but more importantly, they support the daily maintenance of staying hydrated and strengthening the immune system, two pillars of peak performance everyone can agree with. You don’t have to follow Leyva on social media to understand the critical piece of the puzzle that Taste Saludpropels, but you’ll want to stay up-to-date on Leyva and the company to see why routine nutrition is so important and where you fit into the mix.

​Their roster includes a dynamic selection of eight premium flavors that work well for any beverage of any size, including Jamaica | Hibiscus, Horchata, Pepino Limón | Cucumber Lime, Mango, Tamrindo, Piña | Pineapple, and Mango Chili Lollipop. Earlier this year, Taste Salud partnered with Leyva’s friend and fellow creator Sebas Robles, host of the “La Platica” podcast, to release a limited run of their Sandía | Watermelon blend, which sold out within 24 hours of launch. Due to the success of this collaboration, the duo surprised their followers with a relaunchon June 1st, but it’s safe to assume that this blend could find a permanent home in the Taste Salud squad.

One of the best perks of keeping Salud in clutch is the mobility of the powders, easily concealed in your beach bag or fanny pack for easy access. Oftentimes, the struggle to keep our health in check stems from the hassle of procuring a wellness plan, or finding the time for refreshment when we need it most.

Taste Salud’s colorful carousel of flavors keep things interesting, but also provide a vital dose of hydration during these sweltering summer months. Additionally, the possibilities are seemingly limitless with these blends. Your creativity can run wild with each flavor, easily paired with your favorite snack or beverage.

The Mango Chili Lollipop, for example, makes an excellent frozen treat––simply whisk the mix into an ice tray, freeze onto popsicle sticks, and serve your friends poolside. And yes, you can absolutely spike the spice for an adult-sized treat.

Taste Salud is a special addition to your daily grind, reminding us to slow down and sip the sweetness when we have the chance. The celebrations of our childhood are never lost on these drink mixtures, sputtering and bursting with real flavor like a fruity piñata.

With summer coming at full blast, you’ll want to make sure your body is hydrated, healthy, and happy through each adventure. Luckily, Taste Salud even allows you to create your own bundle, so you can travel light with 3 of your favorite flavors, all of which pack quite a punch with nutritional gain. So, saddle up the weekender and keep the horchata flowing … summer never tasted so good.

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