Victor Garibay’s New Breaking News Venture Goldscope

Victor Garibay

Victor Garibay is a well-known Entrepreneur. He was born on August 10, 1989, he started his career in real estate and then ventured out as an entrepreneur. Investing in start-ups, participating in social media, which would finally lead him to entertainment. Garibay has been a partner and collaborator in the TV and film ventures of Executive Produce. Garibay has collaborated on numerous comedy skits, music videos for influencers, and music videos for artists.

After having an Entertainment background for a while, he decided to take one step ahead in the field. Victor started his very own News website, named GoldscopeFeed. Victor’s vision behind this site is to cover all the recent things happening around and keeping people updated with the news. The news site will cover all types of news, breaking news, and original stories of all types to its audiences. Victor’s mission behind GoldscopeFeed is simple, he wants to educate more and more people and always promote positivity around.

The beginning of GoldscopeFeed started with the establishment of its own website As it feeds the news through it, the website will be followed by other social media platforms, along with its own app. Once the app will be launched, it’ll eventually be moving on to exclusives via subscription. The best part about the app, which will make it fun is the ability to give the audience to submit themselves for a mention or full feature. People can get themselves featured on the GoldscopeFeed. GoldscopeFeed’s plan is to be an accessible platform, which will allow its audience not only to consumes the news but to create it as well. Further plans of Victor for the GoldscopeFeed and the app will be explained when the time comes.

We wish Victor Garibay all the best for Goldscopefeed.

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