Video Search Engine Petey Vid Wants You to Know—Size Really Doesn’t Matter

Is bigger really better? When it comes to search engines, Petey Vid knows bigger platforms can also mean bigger privacy issues and more algorithm and censorship concerns. You might be blinded by the big names and think you don’t have any search engine options. But Craig Stadler, CTO and founder of Petey Vid, wants to set the record straight.

Petey Vid—a search engine that targets non-YouTube, uncensored, and non-biased videos—is taking on the big guys by providing the diversity and privacy they can’t. Stradler says Petey Vid is not the only search engine alternative to Google. However, his product offers unique capabilities, such as allowing its users to search over 70 major video platforms. Additionally, Stadler says Petey Vid provides unique and independent media content not found using other video search engines.

Stradler says Petey Vid’s most notable feature is the level of privacy it offers. Unlike the big guys, Petey Vid does not save IP addresses or search histories. It doesn’t use cookies either.  These privacy measures deliver what many have been waiting for—a non-biased, privacy-focused search environment. 

How does Petey Vid do what the industry giants can’t?  Petey Vid utilizes Patreon, donations in exchange for Petey merchandise, Amazon/eBay affiliate programs, and a monetized YouTube channel that reviews tech sites and products as an alternative to selling user data. 

The main reason bigger is not better in the world of search engines is Petey Vid’s ability 

to search for videos that have been removed from YouTube. This act is possible using the Wayback Machine—a long-running digital archive of the world wide web. In a realm where the bigger competition has moved on, Petey Vid also supports aging media programs such as RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media.

Other noteworthy features include multilingual capabilities, duration filtering options, switchable grid/list view, and the ability to sort searches. With Petey Vid, you can search by play duration or from oldest to newest. 

Petey Vid is a unique search engine with capabilities exclusive to its brand. “We are happy to provide users with a crucial search tool to navigate and find videos they want regardless of their source, with the added bonus of searching in a safe and private manner,” says CTO and founder Craig J. Stadler.

Stradler, a programmer for over 40 years, bootstrapped the business from the ground up. Specializing in search architecture for more than ten years, Stradler originally founded a TV streaming service called CTube back in 2001, years before YouTube’s popularity exploded. 

Stradler hit the jackpot with his newest venture, being featured in the media numerous times while developing Petey Vid’s network. The world has been waiting patiently, and now that his creation is up and running, Stadler is being praised for building the largest privacy-focused video search engine that’s sure to rattle some cages.

Surpassing a half-billion videos in their search algorithm, Petey Vid is growing in popularity. And with its international reach generating 200K+ site visits per day, Petey Vid is going global by focusing on delivering the privacy and features people want but can’t get with the usual search engines.

If privacy is at the top of your list when choosing a search engine, bypass the usual and check out Petey Vid to understand why bigger is not always better.

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