Vieue Clothing Brand Looks to Take the Fashion Industry by Storm

Vieue Clothing Brand is a New York-based premium clothing brand that provides unparalleled minimalist streetwear designed for any occasion. With the intent to provide the highest quality clothing they can source, without sacrificing their process along the way, Vieue is taking the fashion world by storm.

One of the biggest things that the company prides itself on is bringing its customers exactly what they have always wanted. From the growing and harvesting of the raw materials to the cutting and sewing of the final products, Vieue works with WRAP Certified and Social Accountability Management Systems (SA 800) adhering facilities to create their one-of-a-kind signature clothing. Vieue has embodied making premium, affordable clothing that you can wear from morning to night, weekday to weekend.

Vieue takes no shortcuts to create their top of the line clothing. Their latest release is handmade entirely of organic and recycled materials. This line of clothing includes their Premium Organic Cotton Hoodie and Premium Organic Cotton Joggers, which not only provide comfort and fashion, but sustainability as well. Their partner mills are held to OEKO Tex (STANDARD 100) standards for organic yarn, ensuring every component of the product (every thread, aglet, etc.) has been tested for harmful substances.

When delivering high-quality clothing like Vieue does, it can become a challenge to maintain ethical practices. That being said, Vieue ensured they would continue to source the best quality fabrics in the world while prioritizing ethical practice.  Vieue embodies this mentality as its clothing is produced in windmill powered, and Fair Trade Certified™ factories, doing its part in creating a better future for our environment and our community.

In a forever changing world, Vieue is adapting and integrating state of the art practices to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve. This way of operating a business is world-class and goes to show how solid they are overall. Hop on the Vieue wave as they make their way to the top of the fashion industry.

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