Vijay Singh Sewad’s Entry Into the World of Modelling is Quite Impressive

Young boys and girls coming from small towns and taking over the glamour and entertainment industry is a common phenomenon that has been observed from the past few decades. We have seen a lot of talented individuals who have come from the remotest of villages and towns from across India, and have conquered people’s hearts.

They have showcased their talent and have reached astounding heights of success in no time. We have with us one such young man who comes from the same background and has the potential to reach the top, he is Vijay Singh Sewad, who has achieved success as an entrepreneur at a pretty young age and is now all set to conquer the modelling and entertainment world.

Vijay Singh Sewad was born in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, though his family hails from a small village called Dholeriya Shasan in Pali, Rajasthan. Later on, his family shifted to Rajasthan, where he pursued his further studies. He was always interested in taking up a career in modelling and that’s what he aimed at while completing college when he got really serious and started working on getting a break in the modelling industry. As Rajasthan didn’t offer many opportunities in that field, he moved to Bangalore to try out his luck as a model.

The first step was to click a portfolio which would help him approach the right people associated with the modelling industry, and he did that which came out amazingly well. “social media has taken over big time and many get the right breakthrough these platforms. I knew the potential it carried, and that’s the reason I strategically built up my Instagram profile which aimed at showcasing my talent and reaches the right people,” says Vijay.

His endeavours did bring positive results and he was all over Instagram, turning into a sort of a celebrity by getting all the attention from his followers. Getting noticed was not a hard task for him and soon offers started pouring in from all quarters which included some great collaborations with known brands who were drawn towards his simplicity and thought of the tie-up is worth all.

At 21, he has achieved more than anyone can ever dream of and when asked what would be his next move, he answers, “seeing myself on the silver screen is my biggest dream and I will surely make that dream come true very soon.”

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