Vikramsinh Parmar on the Strategies That Kept His Business Alive in 2020

I truly believe in the saying. As a founder and CEO of lawyer directory website LawTally, I have always thought of what would come next. And, this has certainly helped me plan my endeavors in advance. We did have our share of trouble in the beginning.

But with clear mind and synced planning within our core team, we did end well. Now that the lockdown is clear mostly, businesses are recovering. However, the small businesses, especially that started a few months back, had to shut down. Thankfully, we were prepared. And, I would love to share my experiences.

With an incomplete degree that never ended, people did not have much trust on what I could achieve in my career. Little of that mattered to me though. As always, I have found meaning in skills and knowledge. And, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its early stage, I knew that things weren’t going to be the same. Opportunities will cease and new businesses would face the highest difficulties in going on.

However, with experience of handling things when going in unexpected ways, I found the roadblock, a new opportunity for redefining my abilities. And, here are a few steps that helped us carry on and come forward as one team.

  1. We Built Strategies that Seemed Simple to Follow

I may not be the first person who would ask you to create plans. But that is just the one part. Planning is a big word. And, not many businesses understand how to put the word in the right place. What’s important is that you make achievable goals at first. And, improvise it going forward. It should be incremental. I am someone who doesn’t like to settle for less. Hence, I always go with the bigger picture, ensuring that I am on the right track. However, I do understand that everyone cannot match that pace.

For instance, when the Pandemic hit and we were supposed to stay home without much time to prepare for the same, we did find it difficult to manage things without a usual office day. So, instead of rushing everyone to do their job, we focused on what was really important.

We started small conference calls each day with our core team. Definitely working from home with no house help was going to be difficult. So, we chose to limit our work hour to 3 hours in the beginning. And, asked everyone to contribute as much as they could.

And, I would like to appreciate my team for putting their efforts and stretching the work time to 6 hours in just 15 days. With little push, we were also able to schedule timely online meetings and regular update sessions.

In short, we started with smaller goals and built bigger ones around it.

  1. We Turned Challenges into Opportunities

There is always a way out. And, the same is true for businesses as well. Running an enterprise is not easy and there are lots of ifs’ and buts’ are involved. But we looked at the brighter side. And, made every problem a new opportunity for our business.

If you ask how, here is what I have to say. For some, the smaller number of employees may have seemed like a challenge. But that turned out to be a blessing at the time of lockdown. We had to maintain a smaller chain of communication which was easier to maintain online.

Plus, we did not have to deduct anyone’s salary at all. On the contrary, we were able to manage regular appraisals and perks. There was not enough business to be candid. So, we focused on bettering our services.

By enhancing our website offerings, we could dedicate more time to what we have to offer. We are currently developing a features proof website that would amaze our current lawyer profiles, an update will be rolled out in the middle of next year. That would be a breakthrough for us in the law industry.

Hence, preparing us for a better tomorrow. With limited resources, we may never have had such ample time to focus on improvising our business any sooner. But the lockdown did give us that opportunity. And, we built on that.

  1. We Did Not Fear to Take Difficult Decisions

As a part of a company that was still in its initial phase of inception, I had to take harsh steps. But those decisions were welcomed with the entire team, looking at the prevailing situation. For instance, I gave up my travelling allowance, lunch coupon money and a few other parts of my salary. And, requested the other team members to leave as much as possible from their end too.

I have to mention that I was dazzled by the way my team supported me. Every other team member put a part of their salary for the betterment of the entire company. We never had any challenge paying administrative bills during the lockdown. And, as soon as we recovered from the loss, we paid back our employees with added benefits.

The decision of asking others to cooperate on their will, instead of forcing them to do so, made every employee feel that they contributed for the business. And, they actually did. Hence, rewarding them made me feel better too.

How LawTally Is Making a Difference

LawTally is a platform that connects people with verified lawyers. In this time, when finding justice is as difficult as finding a needle in the stack of hay, our motive is to sort things out in the first attempt. And, it starts from finding the right lawyer for your needs. Ending up with any less competitive or unreasonably demanding lawyer could turn the verdict of the case against individuals seeking justice.

Our platform checks every registered lawyer’s details and ensures that the services are free of fraud and scam. We want to bring equal rights to seeking justice to everyone, without having to go through imposters pretending to provide legal help.

Users can check the complete details of the layers on our website and choose to connect with them looking at their practice history. So, not ending with a divorce lawyer when finding the legal help for financial problems. However, we do not just provide matches for the apt legal services, but are working to ensure that every individual can find the right path to justice and not some of the able ones.

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