Vincent Müller on the Role of Digitization in the Transformation of Modern Businesses

With the advent of technology and the rise of digital-based platforms, the economic landscape has witnessed numerous changes, shifting away from traditional methods of starting and scaling a business and growing heavily dependent on digitization.

Over the years, one thing has become clear: entrepreneurs who do not recognize and wield the power of digital technology will less likely survive and thrive in an increasingly cutthroat environment.

Vincent Müller, the strategic mind behind HYGH, Medical One Group and Fingate, managed to propel his ventures to the forefront of the industry by capitalizing on the developments in today’s commercial space.

Nowadays, outdated approaches in capturing the interest of consumers no longer work as effectively as they did before. Go-getters who wish to bridge the gaps in their target markets and introduce a line of products and services can benefit from incorporating innovative technologies and online tools in their operations, a move that enabled Vincent Müller to grow his company to impressive heights a year after its launch.

So far, the career milestones and achievements that he was able to bag under his belt can be credited not only to his vision, dedication, and entrepreneurial acumen but also to this understanding of the impact of digitization in driving a business forward.

This widely acclaimed figure first dipped his toes in the saturated world of business since he was fourteen, starting out by renting Teamspeak servers to gamers. At eighteen, he stood at the helm of Dahlem Records, a music promotion network which had over 20,000 listeners during its peak.

Years down the road, Vincent Müller discovered the allure of cryptocurrency and invested in IOTA, which skyrocketed three months later and provided him with the capital to begin a company that would teach others to maneuver the intricacies of investing in this form of digital currency.

With the idea in mind to open a crypto consulting firm, he approached the biggest outdoor advertising provider in Germany but eventually reached the conclusion that the field of out-of-home advertising was still far behind in terms of technology.

The creation of HYGH, an enterprise established to lower the barrier of entry to digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, was prompted by Vincent Müller’s astute observation of the industry’s lack of utilization of the most powerful digital tools.

Under his leadership, HYGH constructed a platform that anyone could use to build campaigns in a matter of minutes and launch ads in seconds. Currently, it boasts over seventy highly competent employees, a monthly revenue of nearly 500,000 and a solid reputation across Germany. Most notably, it has secured a partnership with Samsung and is set to expand its network of screens all over the country.

In his every initiative, Vincent Müller never failed to acknowledge the fact that digitization fuels the transformation of modern businesses. By banking on the advancements in technology, he succeeded in  starting a reputable company that now serves as a leader in the industry.

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