Viral Marketing for Your Drop Shipping Internet Business

How do you start your drop shipping business, and then how do you market it once you have it? According to Adrian Morrison, “Forget what you think and forget what you like because nobody cares.”

Don’t start with something you’re passionate about, because passion doesn’t equal profit. At least, what you’re passionate about doesn’t…you need to find a broad, evergreen market that everybody else is in, and then drop ship products in that niche.

How Do You Find Hot Products?

Don’t innovate; duplicate! Adrian has a list of sites he looks at to find viral, engaging products that people are buying right now. That way, when he sells them, he maximizes volume and opens up a niche that he can then expand by adding images and quotes to the product, making it specialized to his brand. Some of the sites he uses are:


Using these sites helps him know what people are buying right now, and then he can expand and specialize off that.

Find Your Niche

Once you start with a couple of products, you can find your niche market from what does well. Adrian found an LED glow dog collar that ended up selling around 70k units. From that, he developed a dog niche market by printing sayings and images on handbags and then promoting them as vegan because they’re not made with real leather. He took one product that sold incredibly well and developed others specialized to that audience.

You can use art licensing websites like Shutterstock and license their artwork to use on your product for a small royalty fee. Then, you take the products you know are doing well from the above sites, add your licensed artwork, and then sell your specialized product to your niche audience.

How Do You Market to Your Audience?

Adrian has a 4-phase targeting process for Facebook Ads.

1Find a Passionate, Precise Interest Within the Facebook Targeting Framework

Say your niche is dogs — use something incredibly specific, like “I Heart My Dog” or “Rescue Dog Owner”, so you can deep dive into an interest group. When you pick a precise interest group, it propels your ad to virality and garners more likes and shares because it resonates with a passionate audience.

2. Broaden Your Target

Once you’ve got your specialized group, run the same ad targeted to a broader audience: “Dogs”, “Dog Owners”, etc.

3. Lookalike Audiences

Once the first two steps are profitable, expand into lookalike audiences. This takes between 6 and 24 hours for Facebook to generate from your pixel. It is a group of potential buyers who might be interested in your product because they are similar to your best existing customers.

4. Zero Targeting

Once the pixel gets data and starts to understand who your buyers are, it will put out an ad with zero targeting and zero keywords that will loop worldwide. This step can be hit or miss, but when it works it’s huge because it means worldwide exposure.

For all of these steps, you use the same ad every time. Adrian finds the newsfeed to be the best converting place because if it’s profitable there, it will be profitable on the right-hand column.

Remember to test products often and to not get emotionally attached to a product. If it doesn’t generate sales after 3 or 4 days, kill it and move on. That way, you’re sure to find a profitable product on the least amount of budget.

To keep up with Adrian and learn more tips on drop shipping, you can find him on and Adrian Morrison Official on Instagram.[embedyt][/embedyt]

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