ViralRace Alternative: 10 Best Sites Like ViralRace In 2021

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Facing difficulty in gaining enough likes and followers on your Instagram? Well, you aren’t the only one to go through it, there was a time when even big Instagram celebrities didn’t have enough likes and followers on their posts, but you know what they did? They searched for ways to boost the engagement on their posts along with their reputation. Of course, much like them, you too must’ve found the solution, a.k.a investing in services that can boost your followers organically.

One of those service providers is ViralRace, heard of it? Good for you. But if you haven’t then you should give it a look- it’s one of the top picks in SMM marketing. Anyway, this article isn’t about ViralRace, but it is for the alternatives that are about as good as Viral Race or maybe even better.

So let’s check out the top sites that can help you rocket to the top of social media with ease!

List of the Best Sites like Viralrace - buy instagram likes

The second ViralRace alternative in this list is GetViral which is again another great option to boost your Instagram followers. With over 12 years of experience in the field of social media promotion, they have served over 1,000,000 (and counting) customers to their complete satisfaction.

Just like other sites GetViral too offers various Instagram services like followers, views, and likes, at a reasonable price, it also has one of the best interfaces among its competitors but that’s not the only thing that makes them stand-out from other websites; there are other things including their quick response 24/7 customer support, rapid delivery, and real follower that makes GetViral one of the best alternatives for ViralRace. GetViral will help you expand your reputation on Instagram through their high-quality follower’s Packages range from $2 to $599; their likes and views packages are a bit cheaper than that but sad thing is that they don’t offer a free trial.

If you want to purchase any of their packs, you can purchase via credit card or PayPal and they will never ask you for your password.

Social Packages - best site to buy instagram likes

Usually, it’s hard to trust any of these websites, as there are many unreliable and fake websites that make it hard to decide which one is genuine and which one is not. But websites like SocialPackages try to make it easier for customers to decide through their guaranteed full refund and active customer support who provide instant solutions. SocialPackages deals with the top 5 social media platforms Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

For Instagram services, they got you covered for followers, views, and likes. And if in case you have security concerns you should definitely try SocialPackages, they take security standards very seriously over anything else. Plus, if you experience a drop in likes, views, or followers, SocialPackages provide a refills guarantee.


I firmly believe that sooner or later Instagram is going to take over all over social media platforms and become the true #1 since it gives the opportunity to influencers, businesses, and creators to connect and grow themselves to even greater heights.  ViewsExpert is quite a simple service that focuses on providing you more followers, likes, and views on all your posted content. Their automatic system will help you save time and make it look more natural. With ViewsExpert you can get 500 followers on your account at $77 while with their biggest pack you can get 50000 followers at $430.

They offer a 100% refill guarantee if there is any drop in followers, likes, or views. ViewsExpert is a great choice if you just started your Instagram channel. They are currently working on automatic likes so hopefully, they’ll introduce services for auto likes too.

instagram marketing

If you’ll google websites that offer promotional services, you’ll find thousands of sites but we all know that 90% of them are scammers, and buying engagement from such fake sites can affect your profile or business negatively and may also lead you to lose your Instagram account permanently. But unlike other websites, FastLikes make sure that the likes, views, and followers that they provide are one hundred percent real. Many users prefer their services for their cost-effectiveness and genuinity.

You can get exactly what you need at a price, as FastLikes offer custom-made packs. You can delay their like service to adjust the speed of the likes and views you’re receiving to make it look more natural. Their likes pack range from $1.39 (for 50 likes) and $ 4.49 (for 250 likes). They also offer a free trial which will get you around 10 likes, try it before buying their services to check their quality.


Viralyft - Buy Instagram Likes

Viralyft is the #1 alternative for ViralRace due to its different marketing approach, If you are looking for an agency that helps you grow your account just like you would have done then you definitely need to check Viralyft. They don’t use any automation tools or bots while providing the services, they do all the work manually just as you would. Unlike other websites after purchasing their services you won’t get a bunch of instant random followers, the followers that you’ll get through their platform will have an interest in your niche and will engage with your content.

The followers that you’ll get from them will be real and engage with your content. They provide a full money-back guarantee, and as they provide services on your Instagram account manually. They offer different types of packages at very affordable prices.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages

Next, we have Follower packages, a performance-based social media service provider. Follower packages believe in the snowball effect (giving a small push through followers and likes to make it easier to stand out among your competitors). For Instagram, they offer genuine followers and likes at a reasonable price tag, and other than Instagram they also deal with other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

Followers packages try to help you gain more credibility and popularity that your account really deserves. They have some of the best social media marketing experts that can help you make your business or personal profile trending. Followers packages assure you with a timely delivery they start working on your campaign as soon your purchase is confirmed, plus, the strategies that they use follow strict marketing methods which have been used for years hence risk-free. And if in case you aren’t satisfied with their services they offer 100% guaranteed refund.

Their goal is to provide high-quality services at an affordable price, and hence their packs are quite affordable. Their smallest follower pack costs $15 (for 500 followers) while the biggest follower pack costs $119 (for 10,000 followers).


Upleap is an Instagram growth platform that claims to match you with a dedicated account manager as soon as you sign up who will help you grow your Instagram account with organic engagement strategies. Their approach is quite similar to that of Stellation media as they too engage with targeted audiences based upon your preference in order to gain their attention.

When you’ll sign up, you’ll be asked a few questions related to your niche and with that, you’ll be linked with a dedicated account manager, who will engage with posts, view stories, follow, and react on Instagram live broadcasts. Before engaging they will ask what kind of audience you’ll like, hashtags that need to be targeted. And hence the followers that you’ll receive will be 100%, real people.

They offer three different plans Lite (at $39/month), Standard (at $69/month), and Premium (at $99/month), if you are an influence or run a business you should choose their premium pack.

Stellation Media

Next, we have Stellation Media which is again another great and reliable alternative for ViralRace, but they are quite different from ViralRace. They describe themselves as a digital creative growth software. Their approach is quite unique when you compare it with all the websites out there. This web-based Instagram growth agency will definitely help you gain followers which are one hundred percent real and will engage with your content. Once you purchase their services, they’ll ask you for some information about your competitors which they’ll use for targeting, and once you provide them all the information that they require they’ll start engaging with the people who are engaging with your competitor’s post as they’ll be interested in that niche. And Stellation Media will try to catch their attention.

One of their features, Mass Story Engager which can view up to 400k Instagram stories/day and that’s not it, it will automatically interact by answering polls and voting. With Stellation Media, you can also send mass direct messages. You’ll get 100% targeted growth through location tags,  hashtags, explore pages, and so on. And you’ll have your own dashboard, which offers additional tools like mass DM, analytics, and much more, plus, it will let you have full control over your targeting, settings, and growth.

Ah! You’ll also be assigned with a personal dedicated account manager and friendly customer support. Their plans are more on the expensive side but they are worth it. They offer three plans from which you can choose according to your requirements.


Up next we have Nitreo, which kept getting changed to Nitro by my autocorrect but other than that Nitreo is a genuine site that can help your profile achieve greater heights on Instagram. I’d have liked to say it offers services for many other social media platforms, but sadly it is focused only on Instagram. Even though they provide services for only Instagram, they were ranked at the #1 spot for providing organic growth services across the globe back in 2019.

Unlike the majority of sites that make promises of providing “Organic” services and then provide you Ghost followers, Nitreo actually provides 100% Organic services; they aren’t a site that underdelivers either. According to many people who have actually used Nitreo, they think that using it is like having your own Instagram manager that can help you gain a bigger audience while being easy to understand.

When you sign-up with Nitreo, it’ll ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of what your niche is, your hashtags, and few other things that’ll let Nitreo narrow down followers for you. It then uses a Follow/Unfollow method that can send users a strong signal to follow you back; this method is pretty easy to track.  As for their pricing, Nitreo is way more affordable than a daily cup Cafe latte grande and will cost you only $ 49 (paid on a monthly basis).


AiGrow is a platform that will not just help you grow your Instagram account but it will also help you in managing it. If you use Instagram as an influencer or if it’s for your business, then AiGrow is a must-have tool for expanding your reach. I dare say this platform is even better than ViralRace. Their use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in services will help you grow your account organically. Other than targeting your audience they also help in streamlining their operations and boost revenue.

Their team of experienced Instagram experts will manage your account’s growth in terms of engagement and followers, plus, they also offer features like scheduling, reposting, and automated DMs. Their AI-based algorithm targets users based upon the hashtags, locations, and popular accounts, and they are so confident in their team and their targeting process that they offer a guarantee that if in case they fail to offer guaranteed followers they will work with no charge.

They might be the most expensive ones on this article but of course totally worth it, plus, you can try their free plan to check their features.


So finally we are done with this list, I hope you got some value out of this article. There are many other websites that we might have missed as we were trying to keep it short, but you can try any of these 10 websites as they all are totally trustworthy.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do leave us a comment below.

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