Visual Artist Dangiuz Talks About the Future of Cyberpunk in Cinema

As per Merriam-Webster’s definition of “cyberpunk,” it describes a typically dystopian near future. The availability of advanced technology and the prevalence of shadowy corporations with more clout than governments have put profits before people. With cybernetic implants, technological “upgrades” to the human body, people can now have stronger arms, faster legs, zoom lenses in the eyes, or jack the internet straight into the brain. Well, it seems like the future that we are expecting to knock our doors, at least. Inspired by this world, Dangiuz creates his masterpieces and produces artwork that is truly mesmerizing to behold.

The Future is Here

Italian-born Leopoldo D’ Angelo, known by the pseudonym Dangiuz, delves deep into the world of cyberpunk through his creative visual illustrations. His art depicts the intersection of technology and humanity where we, as humans, are getting increasingly enslaved by the advancements of technology and are getting lost in the space. His art betrays the futuristic and dystopian visions of the world that we associate with science fiction (minus the aliens.) A close look at his artwork will take you back to the formative stages of films like Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and Ghost in the Shell. One can see a reflection of such movies in his art characterized by the dense, artificial urban setting marked by bright lights and deep shadows, the flashing neon signs all pitching their messages to a bustling public steeped in technology.

Dangiuz believes that the use of powerful portable technology, the vast internet that is accessible just by a single tap and augmented reality that is no longer limited to screen but all around us, has made us integrate technology in every facet of our lives. The bright neon lights are everywhere, and we’re getting closer to live targeted marketing.

Robots work on production lines, and scientists warn of future job losses as robots become capable of filling more and more roles that will perhaps increase the divide between the rich and the poor.

Art as a Medium of Expression

Dangiuz’s love for art was born from a very young age. For him, art is a medium of expression, of thought and feelings. He feels that with the number of crises and economic breakdowns, the future is not far from us when the harsh reality that we watch in movies will become a reality. Dangiuz is a big fan of cinema and loves contributing to this world through his 3D art illustrations. His knowledge of the best-in-class tools helps him bring out the finesse in his artwork. His love for the cyberpunk movement helps him express his innate belief in the dystopian world that we will soon have to grapple with.

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