Vlade Kay to Bring a new Sound Into Pop Culture

Pop music never gets old. Vlade Kay is a rising musician who already took quite a strong position in this genre. Today he sat down with us for a few words regarding his personal life, work experience, and future projects.

Vlade, describe yourself in few sentences, tell us about your biggest achievements?

“Well, my life can be defined through my music. I had a show in White Dubai not long time ago, just before all the restrictions came in, I also performed at Golden Grammy Awards in Russia in December and it was a wonderful experience. Last year we released a track with DJ Snake called All This Lovin’ which was later remixed by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. I can’t wait to release my first EP in few months! Hope you will like it!”

How did you start your music career?

“Music always was a big part of my life because of my family. My mother is a singer and my father played drums in a band back in the days. I took part in home concerts in front of my family, friends, and neighbors. I always wanted to prove to everybody that I can be on stage too, you know, as my parents. I was so proud of them! So one of those days I decided to connect my life with music.

It is about how I feel, my thoughts, emotions, I want to share it, I know many people feel the same when you want to be someone but people tell you you will never achieve it, so I want to inspire people not to stop, ever! It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can become who you want.”

There are many artists in this genre, but what makes Vlade Kay different is that he always tries to combine music styles and find something new and fresh.

Vlade said: – “I have been trying to find my style for a few years now. I feel inspired by Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, and Prince.” Everyone has to face some challenges, Kay had some as well, he said  – “Of course, in this field, you have to prove that you deserve to be on stage, to produce high-quality music, to inspire people and only hard work can make you move forward”.

Tell us about your future projects and aspiration?

“Im a musician and dancer, I do music 24/7. I have been working on my first EP for a few years now, I will release it in April or May this year. I have few upcoming collaborations with amazing artists and DJs.”

One day Vlade wishes to be trending No.1 on Billboard and standing tall with all the biggest names in the industry. He has big progress already and we are sure that this is only the beginning of Vlade Kay’s story.

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