Vroom Media Group’s Allan Khazak Opens up the Latest Digital Marketing Trends and His Journey

There is no denying that one of the fastest-growing fields in the world is digital marketing. This particular field has garnered attention from people from segments of society and is progressing like none other.

Digital marketing expert, Allan Khazak saw the potential of the field right in the beginning and invested all his time and energy in moving forward in this particular domain. Right from the start, he was fascinated by the idea of owning his own business and being an entrepreneur.

Fortunately, he came from a business family and had many driven people to inspire him. In fact, his grandparents arrived in Canada with nothing and with sheer hard work they managed to turn their luck around.

Today he is the man behind the Vroom Media Group which is a digital marketing agency. What makes the agency different is the fact that they have a specific clientele consisting of life insurance brokers and financial Advisors. The agency helps them to generate more appointment and visibility on different search engines and social media.

Allan takes pride in the fact that he was able to pick a domain that is usually not on the radar of digital marketers around the world and revolutionized it with time. There are many things that helped him to achieve success in this particular industry and made him a success story in the world of digital marketing. Today, the Vroom Media Group is scaling new heights of success and more.

In Allan’s words, “Unlike a lot of marketing agencies that just promise people Leads that don’t go anywhere we actually generate appointments for our clients and contribute to their bottom line. We help them go from Lead to Appointment through our AI-based systems.”

He then added,

“We are redefining the industry because we were tired of speaking with agents and hearing the same excuses about leads not picking up the phone or low response rates so we’ve developed a turnkey solution that takes people from cold prospect to warm appointment in the calendars of our clients.”

His success story can also be looked at in terms of number as the company has generated over $3 Million in trackable revenue for clients and they are these numbers are continuing to increase exponentially.

“We work with independent agencies and larger agencies helping them and their teams take their business to the next level,”

shared Allan.

The biggest reason for his growth is that he follows all the latest trends in the digital marketing industry. When Allan was asked to talk about the latest trends in the industry he had shared some wonderful pearls of wisdom.

According to Allan, the one trend that his company Vroom Media Group believes in is inclusivity. Every day the social structures are changing and people from different walks of life are trying out new things.

Every digital marketing agency, no matter how big or small must try to create an inclusive environment that creates a safe space for people to look for solutions instead of being stuck in their own problems.

“When we are working with insurance brokers and financial advisors, we try to involve people from all sorts of background to get more understanding of the trade and help each one of them as per their requirements. What most people do is that they create one plan that they use for everybody in the industry.

But I feel that every product is different so is the business person behind it. You can’t create a master plan that will work every single time. While it is good to have a strong foundation for your marketing plan it is always advisable to customize and create things according to the need of the moment instead of being stuck in your own notions.”

Allan feels that digital marketing is one field that is constantly evolving and what might have worked one year ago, might not work today. People who think that they have figured out the best way to move forward in trade are either lying to themselves or their clients there is no one way of being a digital marketing expert.

“You have to be inclusive of the desires and demands of the clients and their vision and then guide them to get the best output,” concludes the Vroom Media Group’s Allan Khazak.

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