Waleed Bin Saif Giving Fierce Competition to Top With His Cafe Cake Town Banihal

Waleed’s Diverse Businesses Shows his Competitive Side

Have we ever wondered what it takes a person to become successful? Well, there is no magic potion that can help an individual achieve what he/she wants and not a pre-designed list of things that can help all people in the world to get nearer their desires in life. People who choose the difficult path of hard work and perseverance powered by the courage and strong will in life are the ones who ultimately achieve all their goals in life. And, one such young and astute entrepreneur who displays all these qualities is Waleed Bin Saif .

To create a successful position in one field in itself is a challenging job, Waleed Bin Saif, on the other hand, as a 26-year-old young business talent has been exploring many diverse areas of business and leaving no stone unturned to make his presence felt as the youngest and the most successful businessman of Jammu and Kashmir.

Waleed Bin Saif, began his early career as an engineer for a family contractor business. His prospects were limited, but his vision was broad. Holdings a dream of starting his own cafe, Waleed finally decided to provide an impetus to his dream and turn it into a reality. His dream- to create an amicable place for people to socialize was not easy.

From a basic high budget to a great networking- A hospitality startup required the highest efforts amidst a challenging competition. And this local Kashmiri boy was upto the task.

Cake Town was launched on 28th July 2020 amidst a growing pandemic with no sign of ending. The manpower was much less than required and the challenge was massive. But Waleed did most of the work himself and was soon able to find three more hardworking people who were willing to be a part of this initiative.

With three employers in the beginning, Cake Town was launched on an eighty square feet area with meagre means. But with a strong grit and unbelievable determination, Waleed aspired to make it big. His dream was to cultivate the best of his social networking and make an efficient use of his engagements to create an ambient little place with a charming atmosphere to provide customers with a hospitable aura to spend quality time.

Making most of the lockdown period, Waleed Saif created the perfect small cafe to please his customers and gain the perfect little space that would reflect a vintage quality. The ethnic appearance of the restaurant was designed so as to connect the customers with the local culture, all the while, providing a platform for showcasing the local artwork.

Cake Town is now spread over an approximate 500 plus square feet of space and have extended their services to not just bakery, but grill, fast food and delicious fast food! It has now gained popularity among the locals who consider this place as a must visit cafe for gathering and social engagements.

Waleed’s dream of establishing his startup might have come true, but he still aspires to expand the cafe into a chain of creative startups to not just provide excellent services to people, but also help other creative young men like him, who wish to do different, achieve their goals.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.