Wally Sajimi Shares Ways to Building a Powerful Brand Online

Wally Sajimi helps influencers increase their brand with Endorsify

Wally Sajimi shares ways to building a powerful brand online
Wally Sajimi shares ways to building a powerful brand online

There are millions of entrepreneurs on the globe today going after their dreams with big and small businesses. With such a large number of opportunities, it is getting more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd and remain profitable during turbulent times. Hearing personal exepreicnes can help others through bumpy roads. Here, the founder of multiple businesses Wally Sajimi shares his expert tips.

Sajimi is the founder of Nietzsche Labs as well as the cofounder and CEO of Endorsify. He has a passion for providing the products and services that aspiring business owners can use to strengthen their brands and take the leap toward success. Nietzsche Labs helps brands and creatives with websites, apps, forums, and digital content to ensure their consumer experience is creatively uniquely positioned.

Sajimi was also named one of Forbes 30 under 30 for the year 2021, a great achievement. His business Endorsify was a platform that helped brands price influencer user-genereated content. Companies use their pricing model to maximize ROI on their ad spend. He says, “You can think of it as the Kelley Blue Book for pricing user-generated content across all social media channels. We input creator data to output a monetary price.

Also through Endorsify, brands could build genuine connections with creators and launch campaigns. Companies like Hamilton Watch, Red Bull, and Target were some of the first clients to. Sajimi believes that right now creators are beginning to own their own distribution with the 1st phase of monetizing your content with platforms. But the next phase is owning the content and distribution.

One of the biggest tips that Sajimi shares is being self-aware about the business’s strengths and weaknesses. “Build a team of people that are smarter and more creative than you. You’ll learn new things faster and adopt new skills,” he concludes.


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