Walter Reissman Examines the Smartest Financial Moves for 2022

Walter Reissman has watched the financial turmoil during the COVID-19 pandemic and seen many people come out on top with extraordinary outsized investment returns. These individuals knew how to take charge in a bad situation and take the necessary actions to succeed. If you’re interested in a higher level of financial success in 2022, he strongly suggests these investment options. They’ll help ensure you get a better cash flow going.

The Moves You Need to Make This 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging but showing signs of slowing, Walter Reissman recently discussed some of the smartest money moves you can make for the upcoming year. These concepts will help make your life easier and provide the kind of long-term financial help necessary to minimize struggles. But, of course, the most obvious of these moves is to start saving money right away so that each of you has investment capital.

The pandemic, unfortunately, showed that most people around the nation just aren’t saving enough, with 41% struggling during the pandemic. So here’s a good tip that should help you build savings: follow the 50-30-20 rule. This guideline states that you should use 50% of your income for living expenses, 30% for fun, and 20% for your savings. Let’s break this down to give you an idea of how you can save.

Let’s say you bring $5,000 home every month. The $2,500 of that should go to bills, $1,500 for fun activities and enjoyment such as travel and dining, and $1,000 into your savings account.

Follow that step, and you’ll save $12,000 every year. Once you start handling your finances properly, Walter Reissman also suggests that your money is making you money. How? By opening up a brokerage account that provides a high-yield return of up to 3% interested direct access to world markets.

Next, start looking for biotech and marijuana firms that you may want to invest in with some of your savings. Try to identify at least 4-5 stocks that look promising and talk to a financial adviser. They’ll give you an understanding of which of these ideas work the best for you and can split up your cash reasonably between them. In this way, you’ll get the best results possible for your investing needs.

Why biotech and marijuana? Walter Reissman believes that new treatments for COVID-19 and other diseases will continue to fuel the success of the first field.

The second is just inevitable. As more and more states pass laws making recreational marijuana legal, a considerable increase in the legal cannabis market will fuel success. Put your money on the smart choice when choosing these stocks.

Other options that may work well for you include an ESG fund. These unique investment opportunities have become a billion-dollar industry and create fascinating financial opportunities according to Walter Reissman. They focus on helping the community and fighting injustices, including beating climate change. The millennial market fuels these funds, and your investment money will go to good work if you buy into this option.


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