Want to Get Rich? Go for Broke: Mihir Sukthankar’s Secrets to Financial Success

Aspiring entrepreneurs often ponder the secrets behind financial success. What sets apart market leaders from the crowd of conventional traders? Beginners often study the examples of past pioneers to try and emulate their accomplishments. What traits are most important for an entrepreneur? Does one need a revolutionary idea, a prodigious ability to read and predict the market, sheer luck, or perhaps an incredible combination of the above?

For young entrepreneur Mihir Sukthankar, the answer could not be any simpler. All that it takes is complete dedication to one’s trade, a resolute mindset, and an excessive amount of hard work. With these, all other traits will become secondary.

Sukthankar, who has been trading since he was fourteen, adamantly preaches as well as practices this type of business behavior. After all, it is this attitude that led to his early success as a leading trader, renowned business guru, and owner of three successful companies at just eighteen years old. Sukthankar believes that the more technical knowledge he now has, and his ability to analyze and predict the market, identify niche customer needs for his companies, and make strategically-sound business decisions are all rooted in his passion and perseverance. These traits not only allowed him to put in the work with vigorous study but also gave him the courage to begin. Starting out then gave him the essential practical business knowledge that could not be learned by theory alone.

When asked about the immense scale and speed of his success, Sukthankar cites his dedication as being the principal cause. Sukthankar is the type to take the initiative and dedicate every effort toward achieving a singular goal, accepting all the necessary sacrifices such a path entails. As an example, Sukthankar’s regular 15-hour workdays have become his idea of fun. The trade-offs he has had to make have paid off in spades when it comes to trading.

However, Sukthankar is aware that such a “Go big, win big” attitude is not for everyone. This is how he got his idea for his first business, Traders Circle X, an organization of new and experienced option traders that follow the lead of Sukthankar’s team for trading decisions and advice. With its continuing success, TCX has since ballooned to more than 4,000 members, who were drawn to TCX’s over-90% options win rate. The organization’s success in spite of pandemic-borne economic struggles has seen many of its members leave their careers to begin trading full-time.

Comments from would-be clients made Sukthankar realize that even the condensed content of Traders Circle X is too much for some busier traders. Based on such feedback, Sukthankar also developed BoostedQuant, a machine-learning trading AI that is able to analyze past and present market conditions to predict and recommend optimal financial decisions for the future. BoostedQuant has the advantage of being relatively hands-free and customizable to suit the needs and preferences of any individual.

For those who would still rather get their own hands dirty but feel overwhelmed by the large amount of trading information available, Sukthankar also developed Market Dice, a centralized hub of all information relevant to trading. While currently presenting digests of relevant market information in newsletter form, Mihir aims for Market Dice to eventually have regular webinars on new and traditional financial topics, ranging from stocks and real-estate to futures and cryptocurrency.

The market’s betting table gives big pay-offs to those who take equally-big risks. Even for the less-dedicated or the risk-averse, however, there exists a variety of options that will allow people to reap the rewards of trading. Whether they’re a dedicated “all-in, go for broke” trader or just someone who wants to place bets every now and again without going broke, Sukthankar has the resources they need to help them play their cards right.

Sukthankar can be followed on his Instagram, @mihirtrades.

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