Want To Get Rid Of Excessive Body Fat? Fitness Trainer Omkar Shewale Has Some Best Tips For The Fat Loss Program

When it comes to fat loss, people consider it as an act of magic. While the concept of body fat loss sounds fascinating, but it is something that is not an overnight process. The answer to knowing how to lose body fat lies in working hard, eating right, taking proper rest and of course, doing some fat burning exercises in the day-to-day routine.

But besides these, fitness trainer Omkar Shewale reveals that there are small changes one can imbibe to lose excessive fat from the body. The small changes may be in terms of lifestyle or dietary changes, that can help one to cut the extra fat from the body.

The first and foremost way to lose body fat is to focus on strength training. “When you are doing strength training, the focus is on building the muscle mass that has been accumulated by fats.

The reason behind it is the eating patterns and consuming unhealthy food over the years”, says Omkar. Another interlinking point with strength training is the kind of diet you consume. Omkar Shewale suggests that a high-protein diet can play the game when it comes to losing body fat. According to the research, a high-protein and low-carb diet encourage the retainment of lean body mass that helps to dissolve fat tissue from the body and encourages muscle-building.

For the consumption of a high protein diet, Omkar advises having 1.6 gram of protein per kilogram of the body weight per day. Another way to lose body fat is to consume healthy fats. It might sound strange, but Omkar Shewale says that fats are essential for a healthy diet and fat loss program.

“When I say good fats, I mean consumption of fish, nuts, butter, ghee, olive oil that one can consume in day-to-day life”, he said. Good fats are good for the heart and cholesterol, and it also helps in losing waistline by inches. In terms of the main meals, Omkar Shewale believes that refined oil should either be replaced by olive oil, coconut oil or ghee for better results of fat loss.

Furthermore, the fitness coach explains the need to include the 80-20 rule in everyday life. The 80-20 rule is pretty simple. Scientifically proven, the rule says that one must focus on 80% diet and 20% exercise. Having said that, Omkar added, “It does not mean that you eat food all the time and do minimal exercise.

The rule simply suggests that fat loss can be achieved by focusing more on a healthy diet that includes fiber, protein, fats, vitamins and minimal carbs. Accordingly, focus on the exercise. But put more weightage on nutrition because what you intake will reflect externally.” All in all, to reduce body fat, Omkar Shewale concluded saying that oily foods must be eradicated and the major focus should be on consuming high protein food along with daily exercise and adequate rest to the body.

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