Want to Grow Your Brand’s Social Media Following? You Need International Loops

There are now approximately 3.8 billion people on social media – that’s around half the global population. This number is huge, and it means that if you aren’t utilizing social media to reach your audience, you are going to be left behind.

Of course, while uploading every day or using scheduling tools to ensure you keep up on your presence is good, you need to invest in well-thought-out marketing campaigns if you’re going to stand out in the crowd. If there’s one thing on social media, it’s “noise,” and the desire to continuously scroll is often too much to bear.

To stop that thumb, you’ve got to do something special.

Fortunately, you don’t need to work with thousands of influencers to see your social media strategy take off. With the right strategy and the right influencers, you can see killer results from your social media marketing efforts.

International Loops is a company that helps brands just like yours do exactly that. International Loops was founded by Jennifer Brooks in 2015, and now helps brands grow their following via influencer-led giveaways. They are one of the only marketing companies with expertise in giveaway campaigns, and they know exactly how to make giveaway campaigns sing.

Brooks is a self-made success story out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Before she founded International Loops, she actually started her online career as a “mommy blogger”. While this term could use a facelift in 2020, being a mommy blogger she built her online presence sharing her life and parenting tips with other moms.

It was in this community that she found herself organizing many of the giveaways, and was soon the go-to person in the niche for “giveaway loops”. As demand grew, Brooks saw there was a huge need for this kind of organization on a large scale, and so she founded International Loops to serve brands in this way.

Brooks and the entire International Loops team is dedicated to providing their clients with the maximum impact for their marketing budget. Since 2015, they’ve garnered an incredible reputation for being honest and transparent in everything they do, while delivering exciting results.

Influencer marketing campaigns are notoriously expensive, and many brands shy away because they aren’t sure if the influencers they want to work with have realistic fees for their budget. International Loops has found a balance that makes the working relationship harmonious for all involved.

International Loops partners with top influencers and celebrities, and has partnered with big names in the past such as Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, JWOW, and Jamie Lynn Spears. Their upcoming campaigns feature influencers such as Scotty Sire (3.1 million followers), Gomita (2.3 million), Mica Suarez (2.8 million), Natalie Halcro (4.2 million), and Kim Zolciak (3.1 million).

Today, International Loops is a million-dollar business that continues to help smaller brands as well as big brands gain leverage with giveaway campaigns. In a world where we have all had to spend more time apart than ever before, we’ve turned to social media for entertainment and connection. Influencer giveaway campaigns like these are exactly what people are hungry for.

There isn’t any other marketing company with this level of experience or expertise in the realm of giveaway campaigns. With over six years’ experience in giveaway marketing, International Loops has the know-how and the experience to ensure your giveaway campaigns are executed flawlessly.

They understand what legal protections need to be put in place to make sure every campaign is beneficial for both clients and talent, so both sides of the campaign can move forward with confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about working with International Loops, click here.

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