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Back in 2008, the paradigm of the education system in India was slowly shifting towards higher standards aiming to reach global value. It was then in Bangalore; a man of caliber and expertise was guiding students with a vision to settle aspiring careers to inspiring heights.

It all started with Mr.Vikas Bharati, the Founder, and CEO of PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd; a leading education consultant and pioneer in trusted admission guidance.

Having the mind and soul of an entrepreneur; Mr. Vikas, since his early days in school, was all set to try things out of the classroom! He designed and developed his first website while studying in Class 9; which was later bought in by a UK firm at Rs. 9 Lakhs back then. That was the moment blazing the trail of success.

Mr. Vikas Bharati, ex-alumni of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, was an above-average academic performer, yet with a motivated spirit of entrepreneurship; he started counseling students to their rightful career choice. In 2008, it was his first year in college when he realized that education consulting can be a game-changer in the modern economical structure of the country.

“If you are empowering minds with education, you are actually empowering the economy and living standards.”

With that vision, after 4 years of freelancing, Mr. Vikas Bharati was all set to make profitable tie-ups that succored in the founding stone of PlanEdu Consultants Pvt. Ltd with its first-ever office in Kharagpur, West Bengal; expanding further into popular cities like Asansol and Siliguri with a small team of ambitious mates.

But the path to success was never easy! He failed to pull up the company in 2014 leaving the business stand on the verge of being bankrupt. But, the aspiring and spirited soul had no intentions to stop!

By the beginning of 2015, he restarted the company with the help of his friend funding the budding business with Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, minimal finance where every penny mattered. This day has marked another milestone in the history of PlanEdu Consultants. Being the lone telecaller, Mr. Vikas single-handedly guided aspirants to their dream college and courses. However, the need for more employees was soon realized.

By 2018 a new chapter had unlocked! The company had grown with multiple employees and shifted the head office to a multi-floored corporate office in Bengaluru. There are 100+ employees working across India headed from the corporate office.

In 2019, as the modern world of advancements kicked in,  it was time to explore new possibilities. The vision was clear!

“If Education can empower the Nation’s Economy, Technology can scale up the business”

 Having this new aim, Mr. Vikas Bharati and a team of young blood together paved the founding stones of an all-new sister company; Tedroox Technologies Pvt Ltd; a dedicated venture of Web-Development & Digital Marketing supporting and catering to transform businesses digitally and driving to their rightful ROI.

Today PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd and TedrooX Technologies nestle on their own portfolio of proven track record of achieved goals. In 2020, PlanEdu had successfully ventured MBA4Me; an all-new dedicated platform for MBA aspirants. Later the year, PlanEdu acquired FutureMedico; a dreamful startup counselling and guidance medical aspirants.

Revealing the future goals, the team has a clear grasp on the strategic roadmap to follow. The next big goal as quoted from the foundation is “We want to start a university where education will be imparted to improve the quality of life & innovative thinking capabilities; ultimately contributing to the future of India.”

Focused on strategic hiring of young and energetic souls aided with the experience of senior management in 2021, PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd with all its sister ventures is all set to achieve new heights.

At PlanEdu, Consult and Explore your Career Possibilities!

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