Want to Start a Kitchen Design Business? – Here is Complete Guide

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More and more people are venturing out into various types of businesses in the hopes of earning decent revenue from their endeavour. The most successful enterprises though are those that are not only set up to make money but to pursue a certain passion as well.

In case you are passionate about interior design and you have a knack for setting up the most functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens, then you can consider turning it into a business. This article lists down the steps that you have to take if you are keen on starting a kitchen design business.

Decide On Your Premium Offering

The first step that you need to do if you want to start a kitchen design business is to decide on your premium offering. The reason behind this is that when it comes to the kitchen design industry, you have various options in terms of which path to take. For instance, you can be an interior designer specializing in kitchens, or you can also opt to launch your own kitchen design showroom. There is even the option for you to provide consultation services for other designers.

Alongside deciding on your premium offering, you should also take the time to find your niche. This will set you apart from your competitors in the industry. In doing so, you will be able to better position yourself in the market. For example, your niche could be creating sustainable and environment-friendly kitchens. Overall, your goal is to find a niche with minimal competitors. With a smaller segment of the market where you can deliver your premium services, there is a greater chance for you to dominate that niche.

Identify Your Target Market

The next thing that you can do after you have effectively decided on your premium offering or niche is to identify your target market. With a kitchen design business, you will most likely be operating in your locality. The area you are in will have a significant impact on the type of services that you will be able to offer. Even the type of population in the area where you will be operating will also have a big influence on the type of services that is most viable for you to provide.

For you to be able to identify your target market, you need to exert the effort to research. Some of the things that can help guide you in determining a potential target market include the average single-family home price in your area as well as the average age of the residents. The reason behind this is that a younger generation may also have different remodelling preferences compared to older generations.

In the same manner, homes with a price range of millions will most likely have different remodelling needs than homes in the hundred thousand price range. Just keep in mind that for kitchens, good quality units generally cost between £3,250-£5,250 or roughly about $4500-$7200. This can prove to be affordable for the people in your area if most of the houses there are worth millions. On the other hand, this can be quite expensive for smaller family homes.

Come Up With A Business Plan

After identifying your target market, the next thing that you need to do is to come up with a business plan. This will serve as your guide moving forward because a business plan will be able to help you organize your ideas. In coming up with an effective business plan, you may want to consult a seasoned business advisor who will be able to assist you accordingly. They will help you be familiar with the tools that you need for a successful kitchen design business.

As much as possible, the nature of your business should be appealing to you. Alongside this, you should also carefully plan the different components that will tend to make up your kitchen design business. In this case, just make sure to include the nature of your enterprise and your brand name, as well as your location. You also have to ensure that your business plan is flexible for you to be able to adapt it to the changing needs of your business later on.

Think About Your Fees

You should also think about your fees or how much you are going to charge. This will most likely be dependent on the kind of kitchen design business that you intend to open or the path that you want to pursue. Keep in mind that consulting rates are significantly different from kitchen remodel design rates. You should also factor here the target market that you have identified as well as the area where you will be operating in.

Research Local Licensing Laws

Before delving into a kitchen design business, you should also research the licensing laws in the areas where you intend to operate. For instance, if you want to market yourself as an interior designer specializing in kitchens, then you may need to acquire certain qualifications and complete a specific number of years of experience. From there, you will be able to acquire a suitable license.

Aside from the certificates or licenses which you should possess to be able to operate, you should also research business licenses and tax permits. In case you will be setting up a physical office location, then you may be required to process additional permits such as building and signage permits, as well as occupational and alarm permits. Some jurisdictions also require fire and zoning permits for physical office locations.

Find A Suitable Business Location

In case you decide to market yourself as a consultant, you may not think that having an appropriate business location is necessary. However, this is not the case as you should be able to have space where you can work from. In this case, you can work from home but even so, this will prove to have substantial setup costs, particularly when you need to purchase a computer as well as other office equipment to establish your home-based office. If you need to accommodate clients in your home office, then you also have to make sure that it is presentable.

On the other hand, there is also the option for you to rent an office space instead to ensure that your work and home life are kept segregated. If you are after opening a kitchen design showroom, then the office location you choose will significantly matter. For instance, you have to consider whether the location is accessible to the target market that you have identified. There should also be ample space for you to get to work.

Learn Appropriate Marketing Techniques

No matter how great your service is when it comes to kitchen design, you will not be able to garner clients if they are not aware that you exist in the first place. For this reason, make sure that you have a viable marketing plan that you will be able to seamlessly implement to help you establish your business. Fortunately, you are no longer restricted in traditional marketing strategies that entail the need for you to distribute flyers or brochures. In these modern times, you can already promote your services online.

When you decide to leverage the digital world to reach your target market, make sure that your website is intuitive and informative. This means that it should not be difficult for your potential clients to find the information that they are looking for on your site. You should also take the time to craft up posts that you can easily share on social media platforms because this is another great way to advertise online. Otherwise, there is always the option for you to opt for paid advertisements that will hone into your target audience.

Join Industry Associations

In terms of a kitchen design business, credibility is the key. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to join industry associations because this can promote trust among your clients. Alongside this, you will also have the opportunity to expand your network when you join industry associations, supporting your marketing efforts accordingly. In this case, what you can do is to explore the industry associations in your area or your country. Some of the associations that you may consider include those dedicated to kitchen and bath, groups of architects and interior designers, as well as design and remodelling associations.

Be Updated With The Latest Trends

If you want to be successful in setting up a kitchen design business and running it smoothly, you have to be updated with the latest trends in the industry. In this way, you will have a good idea of which kitchen fixtures and designs are currently in demand. You will also be familiar with the emerging kitchen design trends that you can capitalize on later on.

When you are aware of the current trends in the industry, you will also have the opportunity to make a better offering. For instance, in 2019, the trend was all about personalized kitchens and storage units that maximize kitchen space. On the other hand, 2020 was more focused on a combination of aesthetics and functionality. If you are one of the kitchen designers who can provide these trends to their clients, then there is a great chance for your business to thrive and be ahead of your competitors.

Growing Your Kitchen Design Business

  • Widen Your Market

After exerting the effort to start and set up your kitchen design business, the next thing that you may want to focus on is how to grow it accordingly. In this case, one of the things that you can do is to widen your market, reaching out to other customers in an attempt to expand your business. For instance, you can be more flexible in offering your services, offering designs and consultations that your clients can execute on their own rather than offering only full-fledged services.

  • Add services

Another way to grow your business is to add the services that you offer. With more services, there is a great chance for you to pique the interest of a wider market. In this case, you can look into your expertise and talents to think about what other services you can offer. You can also leverage technology to expand your reach. For example, consider using virtual services to offer design consultation to clients on the other side of the globe. This will be appealing to people who are used to do-it-yourself solutions but lack a keen eye for design.

  • Increase Your Staff

To grow your kitchen design business, there is also the option for you to increase your staff. Perhaps the key thing that may be hindering you from growing your business is not the lack of clients, but the lack of staff that will be able to assist your clients with their needs. In this case, what you can do is to hire another designer in your firm but make sure that his portfolio reflects kitchen design work.

  • Rethink Your Promotional Strategy

Finally, you may also want to rethink your promotional strategy to grow your business. If you do not include online promotional techniques just yet, this may be the perfect time for you to do so. This will not only expand your market reach but can also help you get ahead of your competitors.

To efficiently start a kitchen design business, the first thing that you need to do is to decide on your premium offering or identify your niche. From there, you will be able to determine who your target market will be, which is an important basis in making your business plan. You should also think about the fees that you will charge and study the local licensing laws in your area. Find a suitable business location as well and learn appropriate marketing techniques to promote your business.

Always take the time to join industry associations and be updated with the latest trends. All these are geared towards ensuring that you effectively and efficiently set up your kitchen design business, with the provision of growing it to scale in the long run.

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