Watch Film Director Tian Boothe Make Bold Choices As A Dancer On Instagram Reels

Tian Boothe is quite a well-known face in the entertainment industry. She is not only an award-winning filmmaker but also a producer, writer, actress, singer, editor, songwriter, live streamer and now a dancer.

Tian is best known for starring with actress Cate Kessler in films Shattered Dream, E.R. Compliance and E.R. Emotional Release. She is also known for her role in the Amazon Prime Video Ain’t No Other Way. Her films tap into the sensitives of human emotions and the moments that make our lives special. She believes that cinema is one the biggest platforms to make your voice heard. 

In her earlier years, she had studied to become a software engineer but after moving to the United States and starting her first job in tech in 2013 she realized her heart desired to be in the Arts and went on to pursue her new career as a Filmmaker. In her noted career, Boothe has worked across many genres.

The filmmaker has collaborated and is close friends with many celebrated artists, including sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Cate Kessler, Malcolm David Kelly, Mike Beatz, Gino Ferrari, Inga Nataya, Ko-Wei Chen, Journey Christine and Mair Mulroney, to name but just a few. It is no surprise that she would find her soul gearing towards the entertainment industry as she is the younger sister of music producer Jullian Boothe who is known as the manager for singers Amara La Negra, Pleasure P and rapper Trina.

Jullian is also known as the producer for Trina: Live and Uncut and he also starred as himself in Love and Hip Hop: Miami. She is also the niece of popular Jamaican Reggae Artist Ken Boothe who released “Everything I Own” on Trojan Records, which reached Number One in the UK Singles Chart in 1974. Her son Tai Boothe is also an actor known for his lead roles in The Chase and Shattered Dream.

Interestingly Tian has always been quiet and known originally for her work behind the camera. It is amazing to see American women providing different sources of positive light for their community. Boothe is always amazing everyone with her work and it delightful to watch her grow in front of the camera as she showcases her other talents.

This shows you it is never too late to jump into a career that you enjoy. From her love developing infrastructure, software applications and more Tian has combined the best of the two worlds, one of an artist and one of an engineer. 

She is also heavily invested in volunteering for different organizations. In the past she has volunteered for Centers For Spiritual Living, Kiwanis International and JSPCA Animal Shelter as she has always been a huge advocate for child and animal safety. 

You can connect with Tian Boothe via her social media handles Instagram, IMDb, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and listen to her new single release Shattered Dream available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and all other major streaming platforms.

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