At this point, our parents have most likely asked us what we think about that Bitcoin, or “What’s with this blockchain stuff?” After all, for all the attention the crypto boom received from mainstream media, blockchain became a hot topic of conversation. However, having our parents explain blockchain to us? Well, that sounds like a tall task; however, it’s one that the people at the blockchain logistics network Fr8 Network tried to do.

To celebrate Father’s Day, employees from Fr8 Network not only had their dads explain blockchain, but what exactly their company does. Believe it or not, the results in some of the answers may surprise you:

Parents can actually hang a little bit more than you might think. And, while we might be speculating, seeing an understanding like this is a great sign for blockchain, as well as for Fr8 Network themselves. Because, as companies like theirs are looking to disrupt a massive industry, being able to get a number of different people to understand will be crucial for their success.

About Fr8 Network

With the mission of creating a decentralized network for the logistics industry, Fr8 Network has been working hard on making this industry more efficient and streamlined. Their goal is to create a peer-to-peer network for those who drive freight and those who buy it, which could have a pretty significant impact on or goods and services. After all, whether we’re conscious of it or not, freight is how we receive practically everything, from our food to our phones to even the clothes on our back. If successful, Fr8 Network could reduce the prices of goods for all, as the entire process of bidding on gigs will be held publicly on their network.

If you’d like to learn about Fr8 Network, I encourage you to check out their website at the link above, as well as their white paper here. Keep an eye out for their upcoming token sale happening this summer!


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