Ways You Can Boost Blog Traffic to the Site Using Social Media

Previously, there used to be just a single way to grow the traffic of your blog. Some of you might try to work on those methods, while others used to look for alternatives, which were not much during that time. For the first and initial step, you need to start blogging on a daily basis. After that, you have to work hard to build an audience by focusing on consistency and even trying to capture the attention of people through RSS and email subscriptions. Later, you can always try to increase the stickiness of the posts by just trying to optimize for the current search engines. Then comes the last stage, which is quite boring – and, here, you just have to wait!

The hardest part for most of the people is mainly the fourth or the last stage, which is to wait. The harsh truth over here is that the age of the blog helps in determining a lot about the worth and credibility to the world of internet. But all these stages were flourishing before the idea of social media came into being. It was way before millions of people were connected on a daily basis. Right now, things have changed, and the social networks are the ones that have dominated the online-based news distribution.

Right from Instagram to Twitter and so much more, there are so many channels used for increasing and boosting your blog traffic, more than what you have imagined. Right from improving the IG platform with real Instagram likes to gaining more followers on Twitter, you have to spend quite some quality time on social media to get the traffic you have always asked for.

In the World of Social MediaOlder Is Not Always Better

You can easily plan to start a blog today and tomorrow that is likely to become a success story. So, the main solution is that you are not quite restricted by the idea that old is a better rule at all. You can easily realize and even utilize the social web to your advantage. You can do that by just creating remarkable content and then revealing it to the masses, who are the ones who share it for you. This is what most of the bloggers will be doing with their blogs.

You might have another blog that you have been maintaining on a regular basis for more than four years now, and it might be growing its audience incrementally by just making some of the smaller promises and then delivering on them. But, over a couple of months, the new blog could catch up with and might even surpass the traffic and the impact of the old blog.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Blog

The methods are quite simple, to be honest. You just have to write some posts that you know will resonate with your potential crowd and will force the people to share it more. Then you have to join the conversation, share some of the relevant stuff, and you can easily see your content spreading. The methods might not always be that easy, but it is not exactly rocket science. If you are willing to share some of the worthwhile and meaningful content focusing on a particular topic, you are likely to get some good results.

Follow These Steps

So, you have made up your mind to just use social media for boosting the blog traffic. Well, there are some methods or steps that you might have to follow to do that.

First of all, you can easily get on Twitter. For that, you can start following some of the Twitter tips for the beginners. When you create blog posts, be sure to add a button to allow readers to share your posts on Twitter.

You can always start off with a FB page for your blog. This is always an additional and great subscription option for some of the heavy Facebook users, and it can further work as a means of just expanding the platform. The chances are high that you will meet some new people who like the page. You can visit the FB page more often to make the necessary changes if you have to.

It is always mandatory for you to share the created content on Facebook on a regular basis. It is always important for you to encourage the readers to hit the Like or Share button on Facebook.

You can further ask some readers to just promote the blog with the help of some of the major social bookmarking sites. Some examples of such sites are Reddit, DIGG, StumbleUpon, and so much more. You can try working on it yourself occasionally, but also be careful to not share the same post too much. There are some sites that might penalize users with multiple submissions, all from the same user.

You are further asked to implement some of the social sharing tools on your official website. One such example of a promising or excellent tool is Flare, which will help you to combine sharing options through FB, Twitter, Instagram, social, and email bookmaking sites under one tool. On the other hand, you can further try using some of the social-based commenting tools to help you in this regard, like Intense Debates and Disque.

These simple yet effective steps are all that you need for boosting the blog traffic to your site with the proficient use of social media channels. Start to work on these steps now.

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