“We Can Do More Together:” EXANTE Makes $1M Donation to UNICEF

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EXANTE, a wealth management and financial technology company, recently announced a $1 million donation to UNICEF. Their contribution puts EXANTE among the most significant donations towards UNICEF’s efforts in Ukraine, alongside others global powerhouses like Amazon and Apple.

The international relief organization, founded in 1946, plays a critical role in supporting health, sanitation and nutrition needs in almost 200 countries. “UNICEF is on the ground and providing critical services to vulnerable children, women and families in their time of need. We are able to do this thanks to the timely support of partners like EXANTE,” said Carla Haddad Mardini, Director of UNICEF’s Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division.

EXANTE is a global wealthtech that offers companies, banks and brokerages a white labeled trading solution for their clients across half a million financial instruments (including stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, and more), in 50 global markets. Their internationally recognized, award-winning trading platform is used by ING Bank, HSBC, Bank of China and others.

Alexey Kirienko, CEO of EXANTE had this to say about the company’s contribution: “Whilst we cannot change what’s happening, together with our colleagues and clients we hope that the money donated will truly make a difference… Our shareholders feel compelled to take action – after all, actions speak louder than words.” 

The company was formed in 2011 “by technologists, not bankers” in response to the many fragmented and limited investment products previously on the market. “In developing EXANTE, we saw technology as a means to improve global connectivity of the financial services industry,” the company’s website states. EXANTE’s proprietary trading platform now manages over $1.6B in assets in over 100 companies.

UNICEF offers a variety of humanitarian support services from winter clothing, health and hygiene kits, safe drinking water, and learning and re-creational materials. Partnerships with companies like EXANTE will allow the global relief organization to continue their efforts to provide children and families with essential services and supplies.

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