We Put This New Skincare Supplement by OMONO to the Test – and Here is What We Think

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There isn’t a lot of space on my bathroom counter, and most of it is populated by skincare products. It takes me at least 30 minutes every morning and every night to slather them all on my face in an attempt to nurture my skin and ensure the signs of aging don’t creep in before their time.

The irony is that I’m not even a big skincare person, and I yearn for the days of my youth when it was as easy as washing my face and maybe applying a moisturizer. However, as I get older, I’ve become all-too-aware of what it takes to keep my skin looking good and my body as healthy as possible.

A Timely Solution

OMONO came across my desk, so to speak, from a press contact. Japanese skincare is all the rage, and if their skincare drink can solve my skin woes – and tackle my lack of bathroom counter space – then trying it out would be time well spent. Besides, I’ve never really taken a supplement regime seriously, and since I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors because of quarantine, I figured, now’s as good a time as any.

OMONO is a once-daily skincare drink – more specifically, a water-soluble powder formulated with ingredients designed to promote skin hydration, support an even skin tone, and improve wrinkles and spots. Ingredients include the likes of collagen, astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and vitamin C. Put together, who knows what they could do? And if The International Business Times says that OMONO gives users visible results in two weeks, then I am eager to try it.

After Two Weeks

Every morning for two weeks, I stirred OMONO’s vanilla-flavored powder into my coffee. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to add it to my morning routine, but after the second week, I didn’t need the reminder. It felt like second nature to work it into my routine, secure in the knowledge that my skin was getting the best care possible.

omonocare.com omono care

I cut out all other anti-aging skincare products from my routine in my best attempt to create a foolproof test of whether the ingredients in OMONO actually work. The company’s dedication to simplicity and results put my mind at ease, as did the knowledge that the product’s expert formulation from Japan meant my skin was in good hands. While I’m definitely not an elitist when it comes to my skincare sourcing – I’ll pretty much try anything once! – it gives me some peace of mind to know the products I incorporate into my daily routines are made with consciousness and care.

Additionally, while it’s such a small thing, it was a relief to know that OMONO is manufactured in an allergen-free environment. I have several food sensitivities, and while it doesn’t necessarily impact my day-to-day life, it’s little efforts like that that truly impress me.

After a Month

While I didn’t have a dramatic skin breakthrough, I can safely say that I did feel results. I noticed that the skin on my face was smoother and that my blemishes and hyperpigmentation had also decreased. My hair felt healthier and stronger, and the bags and dark circles under my eyes were less pronounced every morning.

The deep creases on my neck also decreased slightly in severity, which was a welcome sight after months of attempting to decrease those wrinkles through neck creams. And, while I do my best to drink enough water every day, the hydration boost OMONO provided was welcome.

While an overall healthy lifestyle is always the best choice when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, OMONO is one of those products that definitely starts you off on the right foot every morning. I can say that I noticed a stark change in some of my biggest skin concerns, and while I might not purge every single product from my bathroom collection, there are a few that I’ll gladly replace with this once-daily drink.

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