‘We wanted something that worked’

The founders including Sebastien Rosil traveled to west Africa – where some tribal members were known to have 18” penises. (That’s a little excessive, I’d say, but to each his own.)

They painstakingly researched ingredients including those used hundreds of years ago in Africa, and found a shea-based oil that yielded real results.

They crafted their own, a very similar version, brought it home to New York and jazzed it up a bit with a proprietary blend of ingredients. Combined with jelqing, a massage technique that dates back to ancient Arabic culture in Sudan, where it was passed down from father to son as oral tradition, the product works, albeit slowly. This is why they say that patience is a virtue. As the company says, if you are dedicated to the regimen, you’ll see real results. Just don’t expect 18” results.

Taking ancient (both time-tested and improved) male enhancement techniques and weaving them with modern elements makes Dio Magna an innovator among the male enhancement genre, and it should come as no surprise that they stand out against the rest.

“We want to be known as the biggest male enhancement company in the world because our product actually works and it’s made with all natural ingredients. It’d not made with any pill that will mess you up in the long run,” said Dio Magna founder Sebastien Rosil.

Pill dangers

According to Medical News Today, there is not a pill on the market that has any impact on penis size. There are some prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, but that only provides four-hour benefits.

In reality, no one is quite certain what is in the pills available and the Medical News Today article made a really good point: “Some supplements contain undeclared ingredients that can lead to severe adverse reactions when people take them with other prescription medications.”

Those ingredients could include small amounts of erectile dysfunction medications, which require a thorough consultation before they are prescribed.

The beginning was a hard road

Putting together a professional team was once of the biggest challenges Dio Magna faced.

“Creating a team was hard because everyone knew something like that was impossible unless you undergo surgery, but through more evidence they realized that how big of a potential this might really be,” said Rosil.

For more information on Dio Magna, visit www.Diomagna.com. You can also check them out at #diomagna on Instagram.

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