Wecript: Next-Generation Google and First Private Search Engine

The changing times have also brought a change in the types of threats that humans face in their day-to-day life. The increased dependency on the internet has led to people putting almost all their information on-line which can be used against them and is certainly a new kind of threat to the people. Wecript search engine has come up to tackle this threat and ensure people their privacy.

SKarn RoboticS ecosystem products Wecript respects and protects its user’s privacy and security by building world-class state-of-the-art technology. So, its prime focus is to make the web safer and secure for everyone, With thousands of downloads already, the company is all set to take the market by storm, With the brightest problem solvers on board, sKarn RoboticS products Wecript search engine aims to tackle the threat posed to the privacy of people and provides accurate results to stop the spreading of fake information in society. People often unknowingly trade security and privacy to avail services on the internet. While searching information on the internet on search engines, for example through any browser most of the time cookies tracks user activities.

Wecript is the solution for all the internet users’ problems by providing them with no data tracking and accurate information. What else can be more satisfying? Wecript search engine also have some unusual features such as accurate information, the option to choose any country, supports various formats, image search, fast search, safe search, etc.

Wecript search engine run on their own inbuilt browser to avoid data leakage, for instance, all in one Wecript browser, has various exciting features, that run on their own in house search engine not only this browser has a various advanced state of the art technology features like, reader mode, app lock, bookmarks, private download manager, clean design, etc.

Apart from the search engine and browser, they have various other products like, Wecript photo editor, which has the most unique and interesting feature which includes features like, face editor, body shape editor, collage, insta square, rotating pictures, and it is easy to save and share. As an emerging IT company, he believes in the power of technology. They aim to address the menace of privacy with the aim of solving a serious problem.

According to the founder of Wecript, The Karn – “As the Internet and smartphones are becoming our best friends, in the 21st century we are also facing many challenges related to privacy and security. With the help of our technology, we want to create a “self-reliant India” and a safer and secure world. Respect for self-reliance and privacy is the essence of our company.

Atmanirbhar Bharat forms the essence of their company. They are amongst the very few organizations taking initiatives for women empowerment. They are doing so by creating a pipeline of women leaders and are diversifying the thinking by assigning all the major positions in the company to women. Skarn Robotics is adherent with the various Data Privacy laws across the world.

Wecript is a significant development in the world of technology that is there to ensure your privacy on the internet. It does a lot more by providing some latest and amazingly creative features which act as a cherry on the cake for the main service provided by Wecript.

For further information check out their search engine or visit the play store to download Wecript: https://wecript.org/

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