Weku Did That: Jack of all Trades Master of Many

 Weku Did That 

Music producer, Creative Director, Cinematographer, those are just a few of his titles. I had been following Weku Did That for some time and was extremely impressed by his accelerated growth in the independent circuit. I think the most exciting part about Weku, has to be that mask that he wears.

I asked why he wears the mask and his response was “I am a superhero, or a villain, depending on the day”. I thought that was cool. I think the fact that very few have seen his face has been a crucial part in setting him apart from the rest branding wise.

Going on into his collection of talents, what caught my attention is that I had seen a range of things around the Atlanta independent circuit and up and down the east coast that had Weku Did That or Directed by Weku on it and I wondered if it was the same person.

Come to find out that the same person behind the beats was the same person behind the lens. I was blown away. It’s not often that you see someone that is a jack of all trades and a master of many. Weku has definitely added himself among those that are great in many realms in the entertainment industry.

His visual/ musical work with Atlanta artist Rene Bonét was recently featured on Revolt Tv. The Duo have been putting out a lot of work together for some time now so it’s great to see the recognition given where it’s due. He also has production featured on multi-platinum selling singer songwriter, Mickey Shiloh’s, “SIMP” album.

The song titled “Hit Send” features acoustic guitar melodies, eccentric synths, and smooth 808’s giving it somewhat of an alternative, pop R&B feel. Weku Did That continues to flow through the film and entertainment industry effortlessly multitasking in different aspects while outputting phenomenal quality.

It’s probably about time that we stop saying jack of all trades master of none, because Weku Did That, amongst a lot of others, have completely proved that you can have multiple things that you’re great at, and still look cool while doing it. Got to love that mask!  Check out some of his work through his social media handles below.

Instagram: @_weku

Website: www.wekudidthat.com


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