“Welcome to the other side” is a Musical Experience From Hazelle Gomez

Hazelle Gomez has already given us a diverse collection of tunes. “Welcome to the other side,” she has now said. Hazelle’s new song is a departure from her previous work, and it looks to be a hit. So far, it’s been streamed over a thousand times on Spotify. The popularity of this song will be determined by the passage of time.

When Hazelle first relocated to Los Angeles, she fell in love with house music. House music is played at practically every event in Los Angeles because the city is a party paradise. After listening to these songs on a weekly basis, Hazelle developed an affinity for producing house music. And, from the start, she has exclusively created hit songs.

Her current single, “Welcome to the other side,” is a departure from her regular style. The vast majority of Hazelle’s tunes are designed to be danced to. This, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind tune. You simply want to have fun on the track.

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