Wellness Visionary, Ross Franklin, Launches New Leadership Book: The Founder Success Formula

Ranked as one of the top wellness visionaries alongside Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey  and Ben Greenfield, wellness entrepreneur Ross Franklin, has a unique approach to leadership that he has put into action building his juice empire, Pure Green.

As the founder of one of the fastest-growing cold pressed juice companies and juice bar franchises in the United States, Ross Franklin has a jammed travel schedule meeting with Pure Green franchisees across the country and packed with conferences and speaking engagements.

Ross Franklin just launched his new book available on Amazon Kindle called The Founder Success Formula 13 Strategies to Master the Art of Influence & 15 Leadership Tools to Transform Your Company. The book is loaded with actionable leadership tools and strategies that founders and entrepreneurs can use to bring their company to new heights.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle here: The Founder Success Formula

In his book, The Founder Success Formula, Franklin dives deep into the leadership strategies that he has used throughout his career to fully mobilize his team and drive results toward the company’s most important objectives.

The book provides entrepreneurs with specific strategies to influence themselves and others and a leadership toolkit with actionable systems and processes. After hearing how Ross Franklin answers the following questions below, we think you’ll want to pick up a copy of The Founder Success Formula right away:

Can you share an example of an obstacle that you had to overcome as a leader?

A major obstacle I’ve had to overcome was the impact on COVID-19 on the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry was particularly affected by COVID and when the pandemic hit back in March 2020, we had just started an equity crowdfunding campaign for Pure Green Franchise and our campaign reached a near halt because of all the uncertainty in the economy.

Our team’s morale was shattered, and there were many who questioned how we could continue our campaign given the state of the industry with the pandemic on the rise. As a leader, there are certain times where we need to dig-deep and inspire our teams despite how bad things may look. I believe that more than ever, these are the times where companies need to stay true to their mission.

Our mission at Pure Green is to build healthier communities around the globe. When the pandemic hit, within our local communities, we saw that the people who needed the most support were the front-line workers. At Pure Green, the way we handled the uncertainty of the pandemic was by shifting our focus to the front-line workers.

We donated thousands of bottles of cold pressed juice to over 5 different local hospitals and along with our team, I personally handed out juice to doctors, nurses, hospital administration, police, fire fighters and other front-line works.

You can watch the video here.

As a result of staying true to our mission, the investors in our crowdfunding campaign rallied behind our commitment to our mission and our work in supporting our local community. We ended up maxing out our campaign raising over one-million dollars and building a supportive community of mission-driven investors in our company.

Can you tell us how you handle your personal work / life balance?

My personal mission is aligned with our company mission and because of this, work doesn’t really feel like it’s work. I love what I do and am grateful every day for it. However, to others around me, they seem to think that I’m always working.

For more of a work/life balance, I aim to take 4 “free days” a month where I do my best not to work and to focus on personal time and time with my family. I found that by going out of my way to block out these “free days”, it actually makes me more productive when I’m working.”

What has been your main key to success throughout your career?

I’ve found that surrounding myself with the right people both personally and professionally has been one of the most impactful keys to my success. I think most people understand how hiring the best and brightest for your organization helps to transform your company. However, I think people don’t realize the strong effect of how the people you spend time with outside of work deeply impact your thinking and your overall success.

When I go out to dinner with people outside of work, I choose to spend time with people that I can learn from and people that I look up to. Hearing about what others are working on and how they are transforming their companies and as well as dealing with challenges stimulates my thinking and I usually leave dinner with great ideas and actions to execute.

It has been said that the average of the combined income of the five people you spend the most time is your income. I believe this to be true.

Are there any business leaders, entrepreneurs or motivational speakers who inspire you? Why?

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, the author Napoleon Hill discusses in detail the benefits of joining a Mastermind group. I’ve long been inspired by motivational speaker and author Jairek Robbins and am a member of his Mastermind group and receive personal business coaching from him. Having a business coach and being part of a Mastermind where goals are set and reviewed every month has certainly helped to steer me on the right course.

Are there any good books you’ve read that inspire you?

The book Start Small Finish Big, Fifteen Key Lessons to Start-and-Run Your Own Successful Business by Fred DeLuca has certainly been an inspiration for me. Fred DeLuca was the founder of Subway, the largest franchise in the world by unit count. Many of the systems and processes that Fred used to build the Subway empire have been very helpful in building Pure Green Franchise.

Roger Bannister was the first to break the 4-minute mile in 1954 which had never been done before. By the end of 1957, 16 additionally runners had broken the 4-minute mile and this is referred to as “The Bannister Effect.” For me, Fred DeLuca is the Roger Bannister of the franchise world.

Fred DeLuca grew Subway to over 43,000 franchise units world-wide and I believe he has paved the way for others showing what is possible in the franchise world.

What is your secret to connecting with celebrities and influencers in food, hospitality, and entertainment. How have those relationships impacted business? What is your advice for other entrepreneurs who are looking to make those connections?

One of our core principles at Pure Green is recruiting the best and the brightest. The challenge for a growing company is being able to attract the best and the brightest and being able to offer them the right compensation package.

The way that we have been able to recruit impactful celebrities and hospitality mavens is through our Board of Advisors. In building Pure Green, we have created a company with a mission that resonates with people and one that people what to be a part of.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with celebrities like Dave Grutman and Foodgod by offering them positions in the company as Board of Advisors giving them an incentive to become a part of the company with a vested stake to help the company grow.

I believe that the Board of Advisor role is amazing tool for companies to use to create unique and game-changing partnerships.

To purchase the book The Founder Success Formula: visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09BG43NYR

To learn more about Ross Franklin: visit www.rossfranklin.com

To learn more about Pure Green: visit www.puregreen.com

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