Wendy Wild: The Radio Personality Listeners can Relate to.

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When we think about the radio, we think about a voice that announces the next song, talks about the weather, might share the news, and some traffic talk. But the truth is, hosting a radio show is much more than that.

Nowadays, that voice we hear between songs has gone beyond the limits of their microphone to create a show that brings comfort to listeners and leaves the audience wanting to come back for the next show. That is what the host of 103.5 KTU does. Wendy Wild is the radio personality listeners can relate to.

Who is Miss Wild?

Wendy Wild describes herself as a “Nationally-heard radio and media host based out of New York City usually found yapping away and taking photos.” She is an on-air personality who enjoys portrait photography and retouching. Her Instagram account is a combination of both passions. She talks about her radio shows, gives tips for people who want to record from home, shares her personal photography, and advises how to take pictures and edit them.

When she is not taking pictures for her social media accounts and editing them, Wild is busy scripting, hosting, and recording several radio shows. Listeners can hear her voice on 103.5 KTU, The Beat of NY, Y100.1 in Southwest Florida, My 99.5 in Salt Lake City, and Totally 93.9 in Miami.

She has her own segment, What’s Up with Wendy, on the nationally syndicated program The Weekend Throwdown with Jagger which airs weekends. And for those who cannot get enough of her voice, they can listen to her podcast Give Our Take, where she discusses current events, politics, and pop culture.

Making radio voices relatable

One of Wendy Wild’s goals was to be more than just the voice between songs on radio shows. She wanted to offer programming her listeners could relate to. That is why she decided to start engaging with them through social media. She created an account that would be resourceful. Not only does she share her life — showing she can also spend a day at home watching her favorite TV shows and movies — but she shares tips on how to better your podcast and your photography. 

“I am the friend you can relate to,” says Wild, “who helps you get through your workday with all the fun and interesting tidbits you want to know. I’ll be the first to tell you when you can get your Pumpkin Spice, and then later when you’re home doom scrolling, I’ll give away my secrets on how you can create better sound or photos and provide tech hacks so you can be a better content creator.”

She does not want to be an influencer who simply showcases what that life is about. She wants to create content that will help her followers create their unique content. Wild is using her knowledge and expertise to help her listeners and followers work on their personal brands.

From the beginning of her career, Wendy Wild made it clear as a radio personality she would be someone who feels like a friend to her listeners and not simply someone who plays the next song.

She became relatable to her audience as someone who stays on top of the news and pop culture and understands the grind of everyday life: commuting, binging shows, relationships, and things happening locally.

Everything we thought we knew about the media has changed. Radio hosts are no longer just a voice we hear between or over songs. They are people who have a story, a career, and a life they choose to share with their listeners.

Wendy Wild, the radio personality listeners can relate to, made sure to create a safe environment on her show and on her social media platform to allow audiences to relate to her and connect better with her show and her content.

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