What a Prosthodontist Like Dr. Tareq Burezq Does That Dentists Don’t Necessarily Do

A prosthodontist is a type of dentist that has gone through advanced training and education. While a dentist may be able to replace missing teeth or repair damaged ones, their skills and abilities will be limited. Given the 2-3 extra years a prosthodontist has over general dentists, they are more well-equipped to provide the full spectrum of treatments a patient may need. If you want to get the absolute best dental care, a prosthodontist will be your best choice.

Prosthodontists like Dr. Tareq Burezq can conduct significantly more extensive treatments and procedures than the standard fillings that a general dentist offers. They are the ones who are going to be replacing missing teeth or repairing teeth that have succumbed to extensive damage. Ensuring that the mouth functions properly, while a smile looks its best, is the objective of a prosthodontist.

If you go to a general dentist for restoration and replacement procedures, you may find yourself back at the dentist’s office a few years down the road. That is because they may not provide you with the best quality treatments and procedures that are available today. Prosthodontists have been specially trained on the latest state-of-the-art ways to restore function, maintain the appearance, and treat teeth as part of a bigger system.

If you need new veneers, then going with a prosthodontist will be a better decision than going to a general dentist. They are experts at providing cosmetic improvements, while also repairing the damage that occurs from using porcelain caps bonded over teeth.

If it’s dental crowns you are after, you are better suited to going to a prosthodontist as well. This procedure will save the teeth you already have by surrounding it, if it is possible to do so. A professional like Dr. Burezq can make install crowns using porcelain, zirconia, or precious metals like gold.

Besides these common procedures, a prosthodontist can also install bridges that replace one, or several, missing teeth. They can also offer you dental implants that replace a missing tooth, along with its root. Dentures are another offering that is commonly asked for from prosthodontists like Dr. Burezq.

As a full-service prosthodontist, Dr. Tareq Burezq is very experienced with providing all of these services, and more. He became a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Missouri in the United States, and later spent three years training and educating at Harvard University to become a prosthodontist. Before he left Harvard, he also completed his Masters of Medical Science.

Dr. Burezq is located in Salmiya, Kuwait, with his practice being based in Asnan Tower. He has a license from the Ministry of Health to practice advanced dentistry in the nation. As someone who speaks fluent English and Arabic, he enjoys a diverse array of clients who come from both Kuwait and abroad.

When you need more than just a routine checkup or teeth cleaning, you should consider paying a visit to a prosthodontist like Dr. Burezq.

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