What Are The Best Brands Of Color Contact Lenses?

Colour contact lenses allow the freedom to transform an eye color and upgrade the whole look. This minimal change can add more factors to your avatar and make an everlasting impression. However, it is essential to choose the best contact lenses brands for a subtle or dramatic change.

The top-selling coloured lens brands include Bella Lenses that offer a vast range of shades. Besides, FreshLook lenses also feature a versatile look with optimum comfort for the eyes. Before making a purchase, read the differences and pros and cons of each both brands below:

Bella Colored Contact Lenses 

These contacts are one of the most popular brands in the world of cosmetic lenses. The subtle and natural tones enhance the eyes and make them appear enlarged. Besides, the comfortable material is perfect for sensitive and dry eyes in all seasons. 


Bella lenses come in different categories loved by celebrities all over the world. Every collection reflects the essence and subtlety of the brand. Bella Elite and Bella Glow are the top-selling collections from the brand. These lenses became famous because of the subtle tones. Also, the radiant and natural finish gives a pleasant look.

These features are rarely available in coloured contact lenses. Besides, the optimum comfort level makes these contacts a customer favourite. A high-quality facility in Kuwait manufactures these lenses under the best standards. It helps to ensure the quality and performance of these contact lenses. 


  • These lenses protect the eyes against the harmful ultraviolet light of the sun. The UV protection of 40% blocks adequate light for healthy eyes. 
  • The Polymacon material of these contacts has a cushiony texture and feels soft and comfortable. 
  • The moisture content of 38% keeps the eyes hydrated and prevents dryness. 


  • Bella Contact Lenses come in a wide range of shades available in different categories. You can choose according to your style and eye colour for the best impact. 
  • The high opacity and pigmentation allow maximum coverage of your natural eye colour. So, Bella colour contacts are also suitable for dark eyes. 
  • A subtle limbal ring in these lenses offers a natural look that does not go over the top. Also, the defined patterns on the surface make the eyes appear more youthful. 


  • Bella Lenses have unique shades but they do not come in vibrant tones. If you want a more colourful and bright effect on the eyes, these lenses are not the right choice for you. 
  • These are monthly disposable contacts which means that you have to get rid of them after one month. 

If you can overcome these disadvantages, these coloured lenses are the best option available in the market. 

FreshLook Contact Lenses

Those who wish for a more colourful and transformative look can opt for these contact lenses. FreshLook lenses offer a selection of shades divided into different categories. These lenses are also suitable for dark and light eyes. Alcon manufactures these contacts under high-quality standards to provide the best product.

Besides, these lenses come with unique 3-in-1 technology. It enhances the experience of wearing contacts and gives a vibrant appearance. FreshLook contacts are famous in all regions, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Europe, and several Asian countries. 


These lenses come in three categories depending on the tones and wear time. FreshLook colorblends is the most popular category of this brand. These coloured lenses feature intense pigmentation for maximum vibrancy. Also, the comfortable material keeps the eyes hydrated. Another category of these lenses is the FreshLook colours available in 4 tones.

These are also monthly lenses and come with high moisture content. The final category is the FreshLook one-day contacts that have the disposable option. You can dispose of them after wearing them for one day and wear a fresh pair the next day. These contacts come in various beautiful tones to highlight the eyes. 


  • These contact lenses have a wide surface to enhance the eyes and offer a maximum color payoff. The base curve of 8.6 mm and the diameter of 14.5 mm helps enlarge the eyes. 
  • FreshLook lenses have a water content of 55% that keeps the eyes moisturized all day long. 
  • These contacts made of Phemfilcon material feel comfortable in the eyes. 


  • These contact lenses are available in a daily and monthly disposable option. Those who like to change their eye colour every day can opt for FreshLook one-day contacts. Also, those who are more comfortable with monthly contacts can go for the colour blends range. 
  • FreshLook lenses offer vibrant and natural shades in a wide variety. The unique colours can instantly catch the eye and draw all attention towards you. 
  • High oxygen permeability and soft material make these lenses ideal for all-day wear. 
  • The distinct patterns and colour combinations enhance the eyes and add to your natural beauty. 
  • These lenses are more affordable as compared to other brands available in the market. 


  • FreshLook lenses have a limited shade range as compared to Bella Contacts. 
  • The colours may look too artificial to someone who tries wearing vibrant tones for the first time. 

Apart from these cons, these lenses are a good choice for customers who love experimenting with eye colour. Also, the bold and diverse look of these lenses has a unique effect on the eyes. 

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