What Concierge Entrepreneurship Is Like with Sunil “Shahs” Patel

Concierge – also known as the field that’s concerned with all things luxurious – is a notoriously exclusive and high ticket field and today we have Shahs here to explain it in detail.

Concierge Services – The Job Description

We’re pretty sure that most people in this world would jump at the opportunity of having a job that deals with all things luxurious – but, sadly, not many of us can get such splendid opportunities. However, not all hope is lost! Even a great man such as Shahs had his fears and doubts at the very start and infancy of his now booming entrepreneurship career – but he always told himself that, yes, this IS what he wants to do, and so he should keep going!

Concierge services usually deal with the public in one way or another – be it by selling tickets or by ensuring that luxurious experiences actually feel luxurious! From concerts to catering to a number of big companies, Shahs has managed to pave his own stairway to Heaven in the wide world of entrepreneurship. Of course, such a feat is no easy task and, evidently, it has taken Shahs a considerable amount of time to actually get where he currently is, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t enjoyed ever step he had to take in order to get here.

Effective Leadership – Efficiency Is Key

Efficiency is key in pretty much every single professions imaginable – from artist to analyst. Of course, sometimes being efficient isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it sure is worth it! This is why Shahs likes valuing efficiency almost as highly as he values the overall quality of the work he does for his clients – ‘almost’ being the keyword here, seeing as real art can’t actually be rushed.

Although Sunil “Shahs” Patel usually works with companies that are usually associated with luxury, he has also been known to work side by side non-profit organizations AS WELL AS hospitals – and such occasions aren’t actually rare for him, either! Shahs is a wise man with a warm soul, which is why he has decided to actually get out of his comfort zone and start working with non-profit organizations as well as hospitals!

Although not many entrepreneurs choose such organizations as clients, Shahs believe that everyone should have a change at maximum comfort and an enjoyable time. Gradually, Shahs has managed to learn how to work with an extremely varied range of clients and companies, which has done nothing but give him much-appreciated advantages in his field of work!

Restoring Companies – From Concerning to Amazing

During his career in entrepreneurship, Shahs has seen many arguably unhealthy portfolios when working with some of his clients. Although an unhealthy portfolio is usually complete doom to a company, Shahs has always manage to save and heal pretty much any client that has come in his path!

In fact, Shahs is so good and efficient at his job that he likes to describe himself as a “financial business portfolio analyst”, and a very good one at that – and, in fact, all of the people that he has worked with are also inclined to agree with his modest statement! Although there are many entrepreneurs that claim to be the best of the best, Shahs is an honest man and, even when advertising or describing any of his offered services, a man that never over-exaggerates his current capabilities, skills, or experience. Truth is an important part of any field of entrepreneurship, but it is sadly lacking for some less-than-self-respecting entrepreneurs, which is a real shame – mainly because it leads clients astray, and it is a tradition Shahs is aiming to stop through his work ethic.

And, of course, like all good business-savvy entrepreneurs, Shahs has an Instagram which goes by the name of @Shahs! Give him a follow if you wish to see his brilliant mind in action!

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